All difficulty levels in Coromon and how they’re different

Tinker to your heart’s content.

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Difficulty in Coromon is handled candidly. Right around the time you’re gearing up for your adventure into the world of Coromon, you will be presented with a few different difficulty options to choose from. It’s easy to breeze by the descriptions thinking they’re just about damage output or battle composition, but under the hood, these difficulty modes are quite complex.


Easy mode sets the player up with a bit more flexibility with the rules and tools of Coromon, making progression through the game much more frictionless. In this mode your Coromon will fully recover its HP upon leveling up, items will have their costs halved, and a fainted Coromon can be revived with any healing item.


Normal is Coromon as intended. We suggest starting here as well because the experience has been finely tuned to present challenges that aren’t so difficult that you’re ever forced out of your rhythm during play. Coromon will need healing items or a stop by the trainer hub to recover HP, reviving is limited to specialized items or, again, the trainer hub.


The higher difficulties are where Coromon starts to differentiate itself from Pokémon. 

Hard begins incorporating rules similar to fanmade Pokémon challenge runs. Here a Coromon that faints will be permanently released from your ownership and you lose the ability to escape from any battle.


Insane difficulty continues the trend that hard established by keeping the permanent release and inability to escape. This mode also disables your ability to teleport back to a safe haven using the LuxRecall items and limits your ability to capture Coromon to just one in each area.


Coromon also provides the ability to totally customize your difficulty, allowing you to choose from easier affordances or more difficult limitations. You can mix and match them however you desire, allowing for an incredible degree of replayability.