How to defeat Voltgar in Coromon

The Titan can be a shocking experience if you’re not careful.

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When you’re off exploring the world of Coromon, one of the first major stops you make is to the Power Tower on Donar Island. Make your way to the seventh floor of the tower and you’ll come face to face with the first of the Titans you’ll face in your journey across Velua. Voltgar is an electric-type Titan with considerable offensive power at its disposal.

If you want to take down Voltgar, you’ll need to keep an eye on the coromon types and how your team matches up against the Titan, but that won’t be enough to secure your victory. Here is how we suggest you approach Voltgar.

How to defeat Voltgar

The electric Titan is the toughest creature players will have faced at this point in their journey, with lots of hit points and a high attack stat as well. His attacks like Super Punch and Surge Punch can both do massive damage as well, so it is important to keep your party’s health topped up throughout the fight.

As you might expect, all of Voltgar’s attacks are Electric type, so having at least one Sand type in your party is an absolute necessity. Catching a Moffel in Thunderous Cave will give you a good start to throw into the mix. At level 17, Moffel evolves into Digmow and learns Boulder Barrage, a powerful Sand type move that will deal double damage to Voltgar. Other good members of your party are Embaval and Cubzero. We recommend having at least two Sand types leading your attack, both leveled to at least 20.

During the fight, keep your coromon healed up as best you can. If you have a Sand type out that is at least level 20, the biggest danger really is that you will run out of SP. When Voltgar’s health is at half its maximum, it will unleash Pure Essence. This passive ability removes Voltgar’s status afflictions and increases the SP cost for your party’s coromon by two, which can quickly run your total down if you’re not careful.

Once you’ve finally defeated Voltgar, there are just five more Titans to take down. Best get to work!