How to defeat Illuginn in Coromon

Fight your way out of the spirit realm.

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Illuginn is the second Titan in the story of Coromon. This one’s the bender of reality and the gatekeeper to the afterlife. You find out that Pawbury is haunted because Coromon aren’t able to move on into the overcrowded great beyond. After making your way through the cathedral and completing its trial, you’ll be ready to face Illuginn in battle.

Illuginn overview

Illuginn is a ghost-type Coromon and an incredibly bulky one at that. Being ghost-type Coromon leaves it open to taking damage from ghost and magic-type attacks. The problem with trying to overwhelm it with weaknesses at this point in the game, however, is the available roster of Coromon. Most anything you have that can hit Illuginn’s weakness is going to drop to an attack or two from the Titan.

Illuginn’s four moves play directly into its strengths. Ball of Light and Soul Crush are special moves that drop special defense or both of your attack stats respectively. Leaving a Coromon out in front of these moves for too long without a strategy to mitigate the drops is a quick path to your doom. Disable will turn off the last move you used for up to four turns. Hypnosis from Illuginn will put your Coromon on the field to sleep along with a random Coromon in your party, so bring along items to wake up your little friends. 

When you bring Illuginn down to 1 HP, its ability will trigger, resetting any status effects or stat drops and restoring half of its hit points.

General strategy 

You’re going to have to play just as dirty as Illuginn. Bring along Coromon with moves that will boost the stats Illuginn aims to drop. If you picked up an Acie from the beach, its Inner Peace will keep its special defense afloat and give you the edge in damage you need to chip away at the spiritual Titan. An evolved Mino at this point will have Rage to boost its attack and makes for a great second phase ringer.

Don’t rush it, this is a battle of endurance. The big number under the HP bar is scary, but persistence will whittle it down as long as you keep your head screwed on tight.

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