All difficulty settings in Hogwarts Legacy

How difficult do you want to make your time at Hogwarts?

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When creating your character in Hogwarts Legacy, one of the final selections you must make is the gameplay difficulty. This option determines how challenging the game will be when you fight against opponents and the type of adversaries you can expect to fight against while exploring Hogwarts. Here’s what you need to know about all difficulty settings in Hogwarts Legacy.

Every difficulty setting and how they work in Hogwarts Legacy

There are four difficulty settings for you to pick when you create your character in Hogwarts Legacy. These options will be below your character’s pitch settings and where you name your character.

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These are the four difficulty settings and how they will change your experience playing Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Story: When you pick the Story setting, the combat encounters will be at their easiest. You can expect to breeze through them, and combat will be a background addition to the game. This is ideal for anyone who simply wants to go through the story and not worry too much about the gameplay.
  • Easy: This is the best option if you want a little gameplay challenge, partially thinking about the spells and equipment you use in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Normal: For those who want a standard gameplay experience working through Hogwarts Legacy, the Normal option is suitable. The combat encounters won’t be too challenging, but you will want to consider the type of spells and equipment you use while playing.
  • Hard: If you’re seeking the biggest gameplay challenges, and difficult combat encounters, the Hard difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy is expected to give you the biggest one. We only recommend this to players who want to enrich themselves in the game’s combat mechanics.
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These settings are selected at the start of the game. You can adjust them in the Gameplay Options menu in the middle of your game if the settings are too easy or difficult for your preferred style.