All stats and how they work in Hogwarts Legacy

What do your stats mean in Hogwarts Legacy?

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There are not too many stats you need to consider while playing Hogwarts Legacy and building your character. Although there are few, you need to keep track of these stats and how they directly affect your gameplay. Combat is a big part of Hogwarts Legacy, and improving your stats will happen quite often as you find useful items. Here’s what you need to know about all of the stats and how they work in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Every stat and how they work in Hogwarts Legacy

There are three core stats for your character in Hogwarts Legacy. You have your maximum health, Offense, and Defense. Each plays a mechanic in combat, and you’ll improve them as you progress through the story. Most of these improvements will come from finding higher quality items and weaving in traits for your character.

These are how the three core stats work in Hogwarts Legacy.

Maximum Health

Your character’s maximum health determines how much damage your character can take before they go down. This will typically be the most health your character will have at the start of an encounter, and your character will gradually heal up to this amount after each time. You may need to use a Wiggenweld Potion during combat to properly heal your character, as they do not automatically heal while battling other creatures.

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Your character increases their maximum health every time they level up. If you’re looking for the best way to keep this number, leveling up, progressing through the story, and working on side quests are the quickest options, alongside completing challenges and unlocking collections.


Your Offense stat has to do with your basic attacks and various spells you will use in combat. You’ll be expected to have various spells and abilities while fighting against magical creatures and foes in Hogwarts Legacy. The more Offensive power you have from your gear, the greater damage you can do.

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You can only boost your character’s offensive abilities by the clothing they wear. If you’re having trouble finding any of these gear pieces, we recommend exploring the larger world to track them down and add these pieces to your collection. You can sell any items you no longer plan to wear.


The final stat you need to keep track of is your character’s Defense. Similar to Offense, the Defense stat will come from the gear you find in the world. Whenever an enemy hits you with an attack, the foe’s level, and attack power go into how much damage your character receives, along with how much Defense they have. It also shows how well your character can protect themselves from incoming spells when they block them.

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Defense is as important as your character’s Offense. As your character becomes more powerful with higher levels, they will find the additional gear to beef these scores up, making them a powerful opponent in combat.