All Discord hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts and what they do

Free yourself from your mouse with these hotkeys.

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It is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the number of Discord servers and communities you can join. Once you’ve joined more than a few, you will probably wonder if there is an easier way to get around the app. Fortunately, the folks at Discord thought of this and implemented plenty of hotkeys and shortcuts into the app to help you navigate it without ever having to use a mouse again. Here are all the hotkeys for Discord that you need to know.

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All Discord hotkeys and shortcuts

These Discord hotkeys will allow you to move between text channels and servers, and even answer incoming calls at the touch of a few buttons. Just like when you’re practicing combos in fighting games, it will take a bit of practice to use them quickly but you’ll soon get the hang of it. The good news is that you don’t even need to pay for Nitro to use all of these hotkeys in Discord.

FunctionWindows HotkeyMac Hotkey
Navigate between serversCTRL + ALT + UP/DOWN ARROWCMD + OPTION + UP/DOWN ARROW
Navigate between channelsALT + UP/DOWN ARROWOPTION + UP/DOWN ARROW
Navigate between unread channelsALT + SHIFT + UP/DOWN ARROWOPTION + SHIFT + UP/DOWN ARROW
Navigate between unread channels with mentionsCTRL + SHIFT + ALT + UP/DOWN ARROWCMD + SHIFT + OPTION + UP/DOWN ARROW
Mark channel as readESCAPEESCAPE
Mark server as readSHIFT + ESCAPESHIFT + ESCAPE
Toggle hotkeysCTRL + SLASHCMD + SLASH
Return to previous text channelCTRL + BCMD + B
Return to previous audio channelCTRL + ALT + ACMD + OPTION + A
Toggle Pins PopoutCTRL + PCMD + P
Toggle Mentions PopoutCTRL + ICMD + OPTION + @
Toggle channel member listCTRL + UCMD + U
Toggle emoji pickerCTRL + ECMD + E
Scroll chat up or downPAGE UP/ PAGE DOWNPAGE UP/ PAGE DOWN
Jump to oldest unread messageSHIFT + PAGE UPSHIFT + PAGE UP
Create or join a serverCTRL + SHIFT + NCMD + SHIFT + N
Answer incoming callCTRL + ENTERCMD + ENTER
Find or start a direct messageCTRL + KCMD + K
Decline incoming callESCAPEESCAPE
Create a private groupCTRL + SHIFT + TCMD + SHIFT + T
Start call in a private message or groupCTRL+ LEFT BRACKETCMD + `
Focus text areaANYANY KEY
Return to connected audio channelALT + LEFT ARROWOPTION + LEFT ARROW
Return to previous text channelALT + RIGHT ARROWOPTION + RIGHT ARROW
Toggle muteCTRL + SHIFT + MCMD + SHIFT + M
Toggle DeafenCTRL + SHIFT+ DCMD + SHIFT + D
Upload a fileCTRL + SHIFT+ UCMD + SHIFT + U