All Door Codes and Safe Codes in Resident Evil Village

Code breaker.

Veterans of the series will be well aware that Resident Evil games tend to have doors, safes, or lockers spread throughout the game that require special codes to open. Resident Evil Village is no different, although it does contain less that other games in the series.

The codes for these lockers, safes, and doors is often found through environmental story telling and clues that can be found in the world. Alternaitvely, you can simply use the codes as show below

  • The First Safe – in the village workshop – 07/04/08
  • The door in Beneviento House – 05/29/11
  • The Second Safe – in Luthier’s House in the village – 27/09/17

To input the codes, players will need to hit up and down on the D-pad, and when all the digits are correctly entered the door will automatically open. As with previous Resident Evil games, there is a chance that these codes will be randomized.