All Dungeon Locations in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery (Phase 2)

Get all the details on the dungeons you can conquer in phase 2 of Season of Discovery.


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With phase 2 now underway in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, players can level up to level 40 and will have new dungeons along the way they can complete for loot, EXP, and certain quests.

Naturally, players who are new to Classic or might need a refresher will want to know what dungeons they can now complete and where to find them, so we’ve taken the time to put this guide together with all the details on the phase 2 dungeons you can enter in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery.

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All Dungeons Accessible in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2

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Here, we have listed all the dungeons you can now access and complete comfortably in phase 2 of Season of Discovery, as well as where their entrances are so you know exactly where to find them.

In some of the later dungeons we have listed, you might find them a bit of a struggle as they can be slightly higher level or more challenging to complete during the current phase. However, you might want a challenge or find a good enough group that you feel confident tackling these dungeons, so we thought they should be included.

Much like the phase 1 dungeons, some will be exclusive to a faction or be found in enemy faction territories, so you will need to be careful to avoid conflicts and other players while you visit their zones.

DungeonLocationImageLevel Range
The StockadeMage Quarter, StormwindWoW_Classic_The Stockades_EntranceLevel 22 – 32
Scarlet MonasteryTirisfal GladesWoW_Classic_Scarlet_Monastery_EntranceLevel 26 – 45
Razorfen KraulSouthern Barrens, The BarrensWoW_Classic_Razorfan_Kraul_EntranceLevel 32 – 42
Razorfen DownsSouthern Barrens, The BarrensWoW_Classic_Razorfan_Downs_EntranceLevel 35 – 45

Best Ways To Find Dungeon Groups in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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To complete dungeons, you’ll need a group comprising five players: A tank, three damage dealers (DPS), and a healer. To get a group like this together, you have a few options, which are listed below.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is always a good way to find groups for dungeons and raids since you will likely have multiple players willing to join or have characters that need quests or loot from certain dungeons. Plus, in most cases, these will be people you know or have played with before, so you will be comfortable playing with them, and it can make for some fun times.

Use the General and Looking For Group Chats

Usually, your best chance of finding a group is using the General and Looking For Group chat options. Both of these will often be filled with players looking for groups or specific classes or roles for their parties, and it’s the most common way to party up in Classic. You can use these chats by typing /1 into chat for General and /4 for Looking For Group.

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With Looking For Group, you’ll need to opt into this channel, which you can do by right-clicking the general tab of the chat box, going to settings, Global Channels, and clicking the join option next to Looking For Group. Now, you can see messages and use this chat option.