All Dungeon Locations in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery (Phase 1)

Want to know what Dungeons are open in Season of Discovery and where they are? This guide has all the information you need to get ready to Dungeon dive.


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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery has brought a lot of changes that make the expereince very different from its usual offering, with new abilities, a level 25 cap, and content that makes it a fresh way to enjoy Classic.

With this new level cap, not every dungeon is available to players during Season of Discovery’s first phase, and some might be a bit too challenging in the game’s current setup. To help you know what dungeons you can do to get loot and try new class archetypes, we’ve put together this list of all the currently available dungeons in Season of Discovery, including their locations and recommended level ranges.

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All Dungeons Accessible in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 1

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We have listed all the dungeons you can enter in Phase One of Season of Discovery. In some cases, a few will be too high level and challenging to complete with the game in its current state.

However, since they are open and you can enter them, we feel we should include them. It’s worth noting some of these are in Alliance or Horde Territories, so you might need to make a trip through enemy lines to get to them. Plus, maybe you want a challenge. We have also included the entrances so you can find exactly where to go to enter these dungeons.

DungeonLocationLocationLevel Range
Ragefire ChasmCleft of Shadow, OrgrimmarWoW_Classic_OrgimmarLevel 15-20
Wailing CavernsNorthern Barrens, The BarrensWoW_Classic_Wailing_CavernsLevel 17-23
The DeadminesWestfallWoW_Classic_Deadmines_EntranceLevel 15-25
Shadowfang KeepSilverpine ForestWoW_Classic_Shadowfang_Keep_EntranceLevel 22 – 30

As you can see, some of the later dungeons, namely Scarlet Monastery and Razorfen Kraul, will probably be too challenging. However, you might get away with the early wing of Scarlet Monastery, The Graveyard, which could get you some decent loot drops. That said, these two will likely be some of the first players to tackle when Phase 2 begins.

How to Get Groups for Dungeons in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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Unlike Retail WoW, finding groups for Dungeons isn’t as simple as using a Group Finder. Instead, you’ll likely be using the Looking for Group chat.

By default, this chat will not be turned on in your game, so you will need to enable it. To do so, right-click on the general tab of the chat box and go to setting. Once opened, go onto Global Channels, and you should see the Looking For Group channel available to join. Click Join, and you will now see the messages.

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With that done, you will want to look for any messages with the [4. LookingForGroup] handle. These are messages from other players who will be looking for players to do dungeons. For example, they may say they are looking for DPS and a Tank. If you happen to fit one of those roles, you can message the player by clicking their name in the chat to Whisper to them. If they have space and want you to join, you’ll be invited, and off you go. So, if you aren’t busy handing in Waylaid Supplies, jump into a dungeon and get some EXP, loot, and money!