All Elder locations in Solar Ash

This planet holds more than mushrooms.

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Solar Ash isn’t just protagonist Rei’s story: the planet also holds a trio of side quests to complete. Before you can enter Eternal Garden to clear the anomalies, you’ll meet Ahrric at the entrance. The gardener has a relationship with the Elders, and visiting them is how you’ll complete his quest.

His home is right next to the cathedral in Eternal Garden, so head there first to get hints about their locations. You’ll also learn the Spore Song: “Elders who dream in crepuscular infinity, part the eternal veil and enlighten me.” Remember this, as you will need to recite it via dialogue options in front of every Elder.

Elder Location #1

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The first Elder is in the dark cave under the cathedral. Clearing the anomaly down there opens a new chamber, across from the large cavern with the red mushroom. Follow the candlelit hall to find the Elder inside.

Elder Location #2

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The second Elder is directly below another anomaly: in the lower section near the cathedral is a lone anomaly behind a mushroom spore door. Under this is a bone-lined cave, so head inside to find the Elder within.

Elder Location #3

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The rest of the Elders are in Luminous Peak, so proceed through the game till you get there. The third Elder is found just after you grind the long rail to the second of the two lava moons. Head up the cliffs there and make a right at the tombstones. Follow this long path, and it’ll eventually bring you to the next Elder among a large book collection.

Elder Location #4

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The fourth Elder is right by Cyd. Drop to the lower section to find a cave entrance near a red mushroom spore rail. Head inside to find the Elder hanging like a bat from the ceiling.

Elder Location #5

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The last Elder is found inside a crystal palace, as Ahrric said. The palace entrance is right by the first blue mushroom spore rail you’ll take in the main section of Luminous Peak. It’s hard to miss, but the entrance won’t be open until you visit with the other four Elders. Once you do that, head inside to conclude the quest.

Ahrric won’t give you anything special for completing his quest, but it is a required part of earning 100% completion in Solar Ash. Trust us, the reward for doing so is worth it.