Is there a 100% completion reward in Solar Ash?

Is it worth finding every collectible and doing every side quest?

Image via Heart Machine

Solar Ash isn’t just a game about precise platforming and behemoth bosses — it’s also full of collectibles and a trio of side quests. While it’s necessary to clear every anomaly to finish the game, you don’t have to do all the extra stuff to see the ending. But should you? Does Solar Ash have something special for players who reach 100% completion?

You bet it does. Solar Ash’s 100% reward is the Absolution Suit, which is far and away the best in the whole game. Why? Well, every other suit you unlock comes with a single special perk. But the Absolution Suit? Well that includes every perk from every suit all in one. You’ll get shorter cooldowns on all your special moves, greater strength in combat, and more. Once you’ve unlocked the Absolution Suit, it’s hard to go back to anything else.

So how do you reach 100% completion? First you’ll need to collect every Voidrunner cache in the Crater, the Broken Capital, Ironroot Basin, Eternal Garden, the Mirrorsea, and Luminous Peak. On top of that, you’ll need to visit Lyris at every landmark for her side quest, find all the Elders for Ahrric’s pilgrimage, and locate every Away Team for Admiral Ames. Do all of this, and you’ll receive a congratulatory message upon finishing the game. More importantly, you’ll get that awesome Absolution Suit.