All Elun Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

There’s just one to find here, but you still might need some help.

Image via Nintendo

Elun is the smallest region on Planet ZDR, but it’s still very dangerous. It introduces a tough mini-boss (the well-trained Chozo Soldier), arms you with the flashy Plasma Beam, and, like the rest of the game’s areas, has a smattering of collectibles like Missile Tanks to find. Energy Tanks (or E Tanks) are scattered all over Metroid Dread, but there’s just one to find in Elun. Places like Artaria and Cataris have many more to find, but not here.

Regardless, you’re going to want Elun’s lone E Tank. Every one you find increases Samus Aran’s maximum energy by 99, so they’re very desirable. Unfortunately you can’t grab it until after the aforementioned boss battle – it would be nice to face that foe with more health, but you can think of it as an extra reward for winning. Here’s where you’ll find the Tank.

Elun Energy Tank | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only Energy Tank in Elun is found in the room immediately west of the Chozo Soldier fight – refer to our boss guide for the best method for taking down that particularly aggressive foe. The easiest way to get the E Tank is to shoot out the Beam Blocks then wall jump up to the alcove. Drop a Bomb in Morph Ball form to break the next block and roll over to the upgrade. With that, you’ve officially earned all the health boosts here.