All Missile Tank expansion locations in Metroid Dread

Increase your missile count to improve your chances of survival.

Image via Nintendo

The Missile Launcher has been one of Samus Aran’s go-to power-ups since her very first adventure, and the trend continues with Metroid Dread. While Samus starts with the ability to fire missiles this time around, she has a limited amount at her disposal – that’s where Missile Expansions (or Tanks) come in. Along with Energy Tanks, they’re the most common collectible you’ll find in the game.

If you want to find them all, we’ve got you covered. Each Missile Tank adds more to your total count, which amounts to quite a large quantity of ammo by the end. Most boost your count by two, while special Missile+ Tanks will net you a whole 10. Here’s where to find each one.

Below, you can find links to individual guides for each area of the game. The guides will break out the location of each Energy Tank in those areas to make it far easier to follow.

Missile Tanks give more ammo, which can be a real life saver at certain points in the game, so be sure to track them all down to become the most badass Samus that you can be.