All Esperanza FND Base locations in Far Cry 6

Esperanza is crawling with enemies. It will take everything you’ve got to clear the FND Bases.


Screenshot by Gampur

FND Bases are Far Cry 6’s version of outposts that were in previous games. You may have already come across these areas while traveling across Yara. Each one that you capture becomes a new fast travel point. Bases also allow you to summon vehicles, gain supplies, and purchase new weapons.

Esperanza is one of the more difficult areas in the game. This location is filled to the brim with guards (especially in the city). There are two FND Bases you can discover here, Fort Esperanza and La Divinidad Cathedral. Taking these bases over is no easy task and will require all the knowledge you’ve gained while fighting for Libertad.

Fort Esperanza

Screenshot by Gampur

Fort Esperanza is located on the western side of the region and is a literal stone fort. There are three alarms that you will need to worry about if you take this area on stealthily. These alarms are in the control room on the second floor, on the right side outer wall, and in the courtyard. The alarm on the outer wall has a camera above it.

The best means of attack when trying to take this fort over is to come at it from the sides. There are grappling points on either side of the fort to give you easy access to the outer wall. There is also a ladder in the front of the fort that will give you quick access to the control room. Be careful, the fort is heavily guarded.

La Divinidad Cathedral

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The cathedral is located on the eastern side of the region inside the city. Getting to the cathedral will take some work because the whole city is a restricted zone with a large enemy presence. Be careful when traveling the city and pay attention to underground tunnels and rooftops that will make things a little easier.

The cathedral is easier to take over than the fort. Using the rooftops on the left side of the cathedral will give you an easy means of access. Few guards appear on the upper level of the cathedral and you can easily pick off the guards below you with a rifle. Try not to attack from the front because most of the guards are concentrated there.

There are three alarms you can disable in the cathedral. One is on the outside walkway you can climb up to from the rooftops, one is out front by some scaffolding, and the other is on the floor of the main room of the cathedral.