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All Follower characters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

An extra set of competant hands.

New to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the addition of Follower quests, where you take one of your NPC allies to hunt alongside you. Some of these characters, like Lady Fiorayne, play a pivotal role in the Sunbreak campaign, while others, like Sir Jae, are there primarily to support the Follower quest system.

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There are plenty of good reasons to do Follower quests in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: enjoy hunting with a partner without joining multiplayer or unlock new Royal Order weapons.

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All 10 Follower characters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

There are ten Follower characters available in Sunbreak, and some might come as a surprise.

Admiral Galleus

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Leader of the Elgado outpost, Admiral Galleus, is reserved yet powerful, and his Follower Quest becomes available once you have access to MR5 quests. He specializes in the Greatsword.

Arena Master Arlow

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A grizzled veteran and Master Utsushi’s counterpart in Elgado, Arena Master Arlow is a balanced fighter who you won’t have to worry about in a fight. He joins you in MR3 Follower Quests and specializes in the Gunlance.

Dame Fiorayne

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With you the whole campaign, Dame Fiorayne is your first and most frequent Follower quest requester, especially in the lower Follower quest ranks, though at higher ranks, you’ll have a much larger pool of options. She specializes in the Sword and Shield.

Dame Luchika

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The demure Dame Luchika quickly turns fiery and aggressive once the hunt starts, and she’ll need occasional healing to compensate for her eagerness. She’s available as a Follower once you gain access to these quests and specializes in the Heavy Bowgun.

Dame Rondine

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Fiorayne’s sister and Trader in the Buddy Plaza in Kamura, Dame Rondine, can join you early in your Follower questing career. She’s available in MR3 Follower quests and specializes in the Switch Axe.

Fugen the Elder

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The leader of Kamura offers his assistance when you reach MR4 Follower Quests. Like Arlow and Fiorayne, he’s a balanced fighter and specializes in the Longsword.

Hinoa the Quest Maiden

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The quiet but ever-hungry Hinoa joins alongside her sister and the other Kamura NPCs as Followers when you reach MR4 Follower Quests. She specializes in the Bow.

Master Utsushi

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The exuberant Master Utsushi joins you when you unlock MR4, and while his voice lines are particularly annoying, he’s quite the effective hunter. He specializes in the Dual Blades.

Minoto the Hub Maiden

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Joining when you have access to MR4 Follower Quests, Minoto is an effective, if defensive, hunting partner who specializes in the Lance.

Sir Jae

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Veterans of Monster Hunter World will recognize Sir Jae’s character traits from Aiden, the Excitable A-Lister. As annoying as he can be, he’s highly effective in a fight. He joins the Follower quest list in MR3 and specializes in the Charge Blade.

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