All Gekko’s abilities in Valorant, and what they do

Say hello to my little friends.

Image via Riot Games

Gekko joined Valorant as the game’s sixth Initiator and 22nd Agent overall. Like all Agents in the Initiator class, his job will be to enable his team’s entrance into areas and provide positional advantages during engagements. With such a role in mind, Gekko is well-equipped with a stacked kit that lets him help his team in various ways. Using several pets to help him with his work, his abilities come in the form of an AoE molly, flash, a unique type of reveal, and a strong ultimate that can disable groups of enemies. Gekko is joining the team in Act 2 of Episode 6 of Valorant.

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All Gekko’s abilities in Valorant, explained

Dizzy (default E)

Dizzy is Gekko’s pet that provides him with a flash. To use it, you press the ability to equip it and then press Fire to throw it forward. Dizzy soars ahead and then unleashes a plasma blast around it. Enemies hit with the blast are blinded (there’s good in their field of vision from their PoV). When Dizzy’s effect ends, the pet turns back into a ball that Gekko can reclaim when the ability’s cooldown begins.

Wingman (default Q)

Wingman is Gekko’s pet that acts both as a reveal and as utility. Wingman can be released in a straight line ahead of Gekko. By default, it releases a concussive blast at the first enemy it sees and briefly reveals their position. If Gekko sends Wingman toward a planted Spike, he can then use Alt Fire to have Wingman start defusing the Spike. But that’s not all; if Gekko has the Spike on him, he can also send Wingman to plant it with Alt Fire. After Wingman expires, it can be picked back up again and then recharged after a short cooldown.

Mosh Pit (default C)

Mosh is Gekko’s pet that can be thrown like a grenade by using Fire for a longer throw, or Alt Fire to throw underhand for a short throw. It lands on the ground and creates a large AoE pool over the area. After a short while, it explodes, dealing damage to anyone caught in it.

Thrash (default X)

Thrash is another one of Gekko’s pets and his ultimate ability. To use it, Gekko has to equip him and then press Fire to take control of the pet. He can then be driven forward similar to Skye’s Trailblazer, and activated to jump forward and explode. The effect detains all enemies in a small AoE radius, with the same effect as Killjoy’s ultimate. After exploding, Thrash remains dormant, and Gekko can interact with it to reclaim it (only once) for another charge after a short cooldown.