All Golden Shores Landmark locations in Maneater

Hole in one.


If you are looking to get that 100 percent finish in Maneater than you will need to track down all the landmarks in the game. Each area has a different number of landmarks hidden through the level that you will need to track down and discover.

There are eight landmarks in total in the Golden Shores area, and you can find them all marked on the map below. Some of these are pretty awkward, as Golden Shores is filled with gold course that contain water traps, and many of the landmarks are hidden in them. You will need to get comfortable with hopping around on land in this area.

Dead Horse Lake Landmarks

Not all the landmarks will be easy to get to. Some might involve jumping out of the water, or hopping across some land to get to them. This is risky, as when it is out of the water your shark is slowly dying. Some may be locked away in areas you can only get to when you are older, so you will need to come back when you are an adult shark to get them all.

When you unlock all the landmarks in an area, you do not unlock a body part upgrade, but will instead be rewarded with experience and resources. As such, they are not vital things you need to find unless you want to 100 percent the game.

When you are searching for landmarks, once you get into the rough locations shown on the map above, be sure to ping your radar, and the landmark totem will be visible in the game.