All Helminth abilities in Warframe

Innate power.


Warframe’s Heart of Deimos expansion will introduce the Helminth System. This will arrive in the game on August 25, but we already know plenty about the new system. While we haven’t managed to go hands-on with it yet, we were able to see a demonstration of the feature thanks to Digital Extremes, and we also have a lot of information in some recently released patch notes.

While the Helminth System is not active in the game yet, there has been some prep work done in a recent update, so you can walk into the Infest room on your Orbiter and have a good look at it.

The Helminth can draw one preset ability out of any Warframe you feed to it and then add the ability to another Warframe. It also has innate abilities that you can add, if you so wish. Remember, you can only replace one ability on any Warframe, so choose carefully.

What are the Helminth Abilities?

Helminth Provides unique abilities of their own – these are subject to change before launch, but here is the current list:

  • Empower – Increase the power strength of your next ability.
  • Energy Munitions – Imbue your weapons with ammo efficiency. 
  • Infested Mobility – Increase your sprint and parkour speed. 
  • Marked for Death – Stun an enemy and the next damage you deal to it will be dealt to all enemies around it.
  • Rebuild Shields – Instantly restore shields. 
  • Perspicacity – Your next hack will be automatic. 
  • Companion Heal – Heal your companion and call it to your side. 
  • Expedite Suffering – Hit enemies in a cone, affected enemies will have their Bleed and Toxin status removed and their remaining damage dealt in a burst.

We will update this list on launch with any changes that Digital Extremes make, and will be fully testing all of them to see which ones truly shine. You can also draw one ability from a Warframe by sacrificing it to the Helminth. You can find the current list here, and once again this will be updated as soon as the new content arrives in the game.