All abilities you can subsume with the Helminth System in Warframe

Every ability that you can draw from your Warframes.


In addition to Helminth’s own abilities, you can Subsume a Warframe to obtain one specific Ability permanently in Helminth’s memory. You can then add that ability to as many other Warframes as you like.  

Subsuming is the act of permanently providing a base Warframe into the Helminth’s biology. One Warframe can be subsumed every 23 hours. The Warframe can be any Rank, but you cannot subsume a Prime Warframe. It is, however, perfectly fine to add a new ability to a Prime.

All abilities you can subsume

WarframeAbilityAugmentDEV NOTES
AshShurikenSeeking Shuriken 
AtlasPetrifyOre GazeWe will not create Rubble.
BansheeSilenceSavage Silence 
BaruukLullEndless Lullaby 
ChromaElemental WardEverlasting Ward 
EmberFire BlastHealing Flame 
EquinoxRest & RageCalm & FrenzyWe will use Rest or Rage depending on your Energy Colour. 
ExcaliburRadial BlindRadiant Finish 
FrostIce WaveIce Wave Impede 
GarudaBlood Altarn/a 
GaussThermal Sundern/a 
GrendelNourishn/aKeeps the heal and give Nourish Strike only. 
HildrynPillageBlazing PillageDrains 50 Energy instead of 50 Shield. 
HydroidTempest BarrageCorroding Barrage 
InarosDesiccationDesiccation’s Curse 
IvaraQuiverEmpowered QuiverTap Cloak, Hold Noise. Augment only affects Cloak and Dashwire. 
LimboBanishRift HavenBase Ability Change: Add ‘Cancel ability on Hold’ to let enemies out of Rift. 
LokiDecoySavior Decoy 
MagPullGreedy Pull 
MesaShooting GalleryMuzzle Flash 
MirageEclipseTotal Eclipse 
NekrosTerrifyCreeping Terrify 
NezhaFire WalkerPyroclastic Flow 
NidusLarvaLarva Burst 
NovaNull StarNeutron Star 
NyxMind ControlMind Freak 
OberonSmiteSmite Infusion 
RevenantReaveBlinding Reave 
RhinoRoarPiercing Roar 
SarynMoltRegen Molt 
TitaniaSpellbindSpellbound Harvest 
TrinityWell Of LifePool of LifeBase Ability Buffed – Now does small amount of heal over time over a large range. If you hit the enemy, a % of the damage dealt gets converted into AoE heal. 
ValkyrWarcryEternal War 
VaubanTesla NervosTesla Bank 
VoltShockShock Trooper 
WispBreach Surgen/a 
XakuXata’s Whisper n/a 
ZephyrAirburstn/aBase Ability Buffed – now has a HOLD or TAP functionality. HOLD to receive original functionality. TAP to suck enemies in a wind Vortex. 

The only thing you won’t be able to do is infuse a damage buffing ability onto a frame that already has a damage buffing ability. If you do, you will need to replace the one that already exists. Other than that, this will all be about experimenting to find the best combinations.