All Hidden Gem locations in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Find them all.

Image via Activision

Crash veterans will be well aware that missions can contain secret gems, and if you want all those lovely trophies and achiements then you will need to track them all down. In this guide we will show you where to find the Hidden Gems on each level in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

Please note, this guide is currently under construction, and we will add new Hidden Gems as we find them over the course of our time with the game.

1 – Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening

The very first level in Crash Bandicoot 4 contains a Hidden Gem. When you finsih the section of grinding along the branches, you will come to a part where you have to slide under a hut. If you jump up while sliding, you will find the Gem is tucked away inside this hut.

2 – N.Sanity Peak

N. Sanity Peak

Play through the level until you reach the section where Lani-Loli is chasing you. Near the start, on the left of the screen, you will find a Hidden Gem on the side of the trail. Grab it as you run past, and don’t let Lani-Loli get his ghostly hands on you.

3 – A Real Grind

A Real Grind

This is an awkward one. At the very end of the level, as you jump up through the phase-shifted platforms, you will need to slide off the top on to the left, then double jump to the platform. From there, double jump off the boxes up to the next platform to get the Hidden Gem.

4 – Crash Compactor

This one is also awkward, so the above video should help you. Play through the level until you reach a large pile of Nitro boxes. Beyond that is a large enemy. Kill him, then go back to the Nitro boxes and drown down the ledge just below them. There is a hidden box with an exlamation mark that you need to hit. This will open a door in the wall behind where the enemy was. Use the jump box to get in there and grab the Hidden Gem.

5 – Hit the Road

Another tricky one, you need to get to the part with the Lani-Loli mask. Take the elevator up, then hit the checkpoint. Go back to the platform just before the elevator and slide and double jump all the way across. Slider under the gap, out under the TNT, then double jump onto the jump box. Jump all the way up and go right to get the Hidden Gem.

6 – Truck Stopped

As you play through the level you will come to the car being held up by a claw. Rather than just travel straight on, jump across to the platform with the yellow and black edges. If you run towards the camera a short distance the gem is on that platform.

7 – Booty Calls

Play through the level until you reach a large cave filled with water. You will need to run down some platforms then spin two enemies. Go to the right and jump on the platform that moves back towards the camera. Jump off onto the small platform it travels to and open the chest there to find the gem.

8 – Thar He Blows!

You will come to a large stack of Nitro crates. Take them all out then continue down the dock. You should be able to see a mast sticking out of the water. The hidden gem is in the crow’s nest on that mast.

9 – Hook, Line, and Sinker

This one isn’t really hidden, and if you keep an eye out for it you can easily see it on the main route on a platform above you. Just jump up and get it.

10 – Jetboard Jetty

As you move through the moving platform section before the second jetboard section you will come to a group of metal crates you need to duck under. Jump on the platform behind them, then up on top of them to find the gem.

11 – Give it a Spin

Another easy one to find. After the first checkpoint just keep going to the right and you will come to a large stack of crates. The gem is awkwardly placed near the top of them.

12 – Potion Commotion

Another easy one, after you take the first group of purple walls jumps, walk back to the camera and drop down onto a ledge. Head to the right to find the gem.

13 – Draggin’ On

When you get to the bonus area platform you’ll need to cross a large jump using Dark Matter. Keep traveling right until you come to an alcove with a creature in it. Give him a boop to get rid of him then run into the alcove and turn left to find the gem.

14 – Off-Balance

During the first Dark Matter section, you will need to make your way across three pillars. When you come to a jump that leads to a fan you need to drop down and to the right, following the wumpa fruit. This will lead you to a long route you need to follow, with loads of traps and obstacles. Go all the way to the end to find the gem. It is definitely one of the more difficult ones to get, so keep trying.

15 – Off Beat

When you are at the part of the level where you need to phase-shift jump up the weird pink platforms, you will see a clown on a unicycle moving across the screen. Spin him into oblivion then just across to the platform on the left to get the gem.

16 – Home Cookin’

During the diner section, head all the way around the counter, towards the camera, then to the right. Jump across the large gap to a hidden platform to find the gem.

17 – Run it Bayou

When you get to the second jetboard section and the checkpoint, run back to the barrel on the right. There is a hidden crate here with an exclamation mark on it. Spin to hit it then keep going backward to the end of the jetty. There will be hidden metal crates to the right, and you will need to jump to them to get the hidden gem.

18 – No Dillo Dallying

After jumping on the boat and around the large wall of Nitro crates, you’ll come to arrow point right. The arrow is a liar, so go left and you will find a very tricky jump to some metal crates that have the gem.

19 – Snow Way Out

After the ship explodes and you need to cross the waterfall, you will arrive at a checkpoint. After that is a river with ice blocks on it, jump to the one that isn’t moving then jump across to the pier. There is a stack of boxes you can bounce off to get the Hidden Gem.

20 – Ship Happens

Get to the checkpoint and you will find some platforms that you need to climb. Hit the Exclamation Point crate and then head left, jumping along the row of small metal crates to get to the hidden gem.

21 – Stay Frosty

You will be able to see this one above you as you move through the level. After you spot it, move to the point with the jumping fish and falling platforms, jump on top of the vat in the wall and then make your way along the platforms to get it.

24 – Bears Repeating

When you reach the ski lifts with the floating robots you just need to drop down to the left of the platform to find the hidden gem.

25 – Building Bridges

After you get to the electrified jump pads, move to the left, then walk towards the camera to find the hidden gem.

26 – Blast to the Past

This one is tricky to get. As you traveling down the second grinding section it is hidden behind a large tree trunk. You need to perfectly time your jump to snag it.

27 – Fossil Fueled

When you arrive at the first fog filled pit, just drop down into it to get the hidden gem. Those cheeky devs were playing on our fears with this one.

28 – Dino Dash

After the second chase section you will arrive at a river of lava. Walk behind the tree that is just before the lava to find the gem.

29 – Rock Blocked

Right after the first two sinking tree stumps you will find a platform with some TNT on it. Remove the TNT then move towards the camera to reveal more platforms you can jump across to get the hidden gem.

30 – Out for Launch

Get to the first elevator and you will find it behind the pipe on the left when you reach the top.

31 – Shipping Error

At the start of the level, jump over the two lasers then drop down and grab all the wumpa fruit. Runs towards the wall directly behind where you drop down to find the hidden gem.

32 – Stowing Away

This one is legitimately very tricky. When you reach the portion with the gravity mask you will need to continue until you arrive at an air duct. There will be a laser to crawl under, but instead reverse gravity to find a secret tunnel above you. Move right and spin to activate a crate then go all the way to the left to get the hidden gem.

33 – Crash Landed

When you get the Gravity Mask, make your way backwards just a little bit to the weird wall alien. Invert gravity to find a secret alcove and the hidden gem.

34 – Food Run

At the first set of flying cars go to the left and just time the jumps correctly to land on the hidden gem.

35 – Rush Hour

When you are playing as Dingodile and the drone chase you with the Nitro crates, head to the right across the flying cars as far as you can go, the heads toward the back wall to find the hidden gem.

36 – The Crate Escape

Make your way up the jumping box section, then down the corridor to the Exclamation Mark box. Jump up and hit it, then back track to the get at the start of the hall.

37 – Nitro Processing

When you reach the two large cogwheels, just do a full 360 on the first one to get the hidden gem.