All house common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s explore the Hogwarts common rooms together!

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Would you like to be able to explore all four of the common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy? This is something that many hardcore Harry Potter fans want to do, and this guide will teach you how. Your house’s common room is one of the first places you will be allowed to freely explore when you start, and once you progress further into the game with so many more rooms opening up, it can be hard to find your house’s common room.

Where to find all common rooms

You will choose your Hogwarts house when you begin the game while still completing the tutorial quest. There are four common rooms, one for each house, and they can be found in Hogwarts Legacy by walking up the Grand Staircase, although you can only enter your own house common room.

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How to find the Slytherin common room

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First up, getting to the Slytherin common room. This room is located at the bottom of the Grand Staircase in the dungeon. Once you have reached the end of the stairs you can head over to the big door. From there you will make a right turn and another set of stairs going down.

Once you’ve made it to the end of the stairs, you will find a dark-looking room with the classic snake logo on the floor that will show you that you are heading in the right direction. There is a snake curled up in the main room right in front of a wall, and players who are in the Slytherin house can approach it and the snake will reveal a doorway. Other players just see a normal wall.

How to find the Hufflepuff common room

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The Hufflepuff room is a lot brighter than the previous Slytherin common room. This one can be located near the kitchen area, which can be found on the second level from the bottom. This level houses the Grand Staircase, so when looking toward the staircase, turn left and you will see a giant plant hanging from the ceiling. That is the way to the Hufflepuff common room. Go round the corner by the Grand Staircase and then walk down the spiral staircase that has tree branches wrapping around parts of it.

Once at the bottom of the very long stairs, you will find yourself in a cellar and you will pass by a portrait that leads to Hogwarts’ kitchen. Now turn right at the end of the hall. There should be two big barrels up against a wall on the left, and the furthest barrel is the secret entrance to the Hufflepuff common room. If you are in the Hufflepuff house, you will be able to walk up to it and enter the room.

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How to find the Gryffindor common room

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To find the Gryffindor common room, you will need to head to the third floor of the Grand Staircase. Once you’ve made it there, you will see a hallway with a statue of the One-Eyed Witch. Continue past the statue, this passageway will then lead you to a big room. You will then notice a winding staircase on the far side of this room, and these stairs will lead you right up to a hallway with a portrait of the Fat Lady. This is the secret entrance to the Gryffindor common room.

If you are in Gryffindor’s house, you can easily walk up to the portrait and it will swing open revealing the famous tunnel that leads to the common room.

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How to find the Ravenclaw common room

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The Ravenclaw common room is located on the fourth floor of the Grand Staircase. Once you reach the fourth floor you should see a doorway leading into a blue-colored hallway. From here you can continue following this path until you come up to a green room with a door puzzle. There is a spiral staircase behind the door which is needed to find the Ravenclaw common room.

You will need to head up the spiral staircase to the Ravenclaw Tower. Soon you will find yourself in a wood-paneled room. Here is where the entrance of the Ravenclaw common room should be. Once you approach you will see an eagle and once you get close the door will open.

If you would like to visit multiple common rooms, you can create multiple different characters that have been sorted into different houses.