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Which Hogwarts house should you pick in Hogwarts Legacy? Best house option

Your Hogwarts house decision awaits you.

You need to select which of the four houses you want to join before you can begin attending the many classes in Hogwarts Legacy. Each house reflects the character’s personality, providing insight into the character’s overall interests and motivations. You need to pick from one of these four options, and you won’t be able to back out of this decision once you’ve done this with your character. Which Hogwarts house should you pick in Hogwarts Legacy, and is there the best choice?

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When making this decision, it’s important to note that the housing choice is purely up to you and the player. This choice does decide the type of characters you’ll encounter and interact with in your common room, which is exclusive to every house in Hogwarts. You have four choices to pick from, and you make this decision when you arrive at Hogwarts and go through the Sorting Ceremony in front of the school.

These are the four options you can pick from for your Hogwarts house in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw
  • Slytherin

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Picking Gryffindor

For many Hogwarts Legacy players, the Gryffindor house might be their go-to choice as it was the leading house featured in other pieces of Hogwarts-related lore. Those who join the Gryffindor house are considered “brave, daring, and chivalry.” The symbol for this house is a Lion, a clear reflection of the characters who join it as the bravest, potentially the ones who lead the charge into a problem, acting before they have time to think. The house colors for Gryffindor are scarlet red and rich gold.

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A character who joins Gryffindor could be seen as someone who acts more with their heart, proving to be an individual who considers themselves the leader of a group, looking out for everyone and making the hard decisions others may falter on picking. It’s not easy being a member of the Gryffindor house, but it’s a decision you make, not one that is decided for you.

A player who selects the “daring” option during the Sorting Hat ceremony will automatically be chosen to join the Gryffindor house.

Picking Hufflepuff

The Hufflepuff house in Hogwarts Legacy is another choice you can make for your character. Only a handful of characters in other Hogwarts-related lore came from this house and showed up far less regularly. Characters joining the Hufflepuffs are considered dedicated to their work and loyal to others. They view themselves as hard workers, capable of putting their noses to the grindstone to see the results and achieve victory over others. Their symbol for the Hufflepuffs is a Badger, and house colors were wheat gold and jet black.

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Many students who join the Hufflepuffs are also known to have an aptitude for Herbology, the study of magical and mundane plants from the series. The extensive knowledge surrounding Herbology reflects the hardworking behavior of students in this house. Taking care of plants and having them grow is a difficult endeavor and not for everyone. Many characters selected to join this house also have a solid moral code, dictating their personality and drive for their academics. A Hufflepuff student is also extremely loyal to their friends.

A player who selects the Loyalty option during the Sorting Hat ceremony will automatically be referred to joining the Hufflepuff house.

Picking Ravenclaw

The Ravenclaw house is another home that was not shown too much in other pieces of Hogwarts-related lore. If your character joins the Ravenclaw house during their Hogwarts Legacy adventure, they are considered among the brightest students of the school, with a heavy focus on their academics and a drive to ask questions, eagerly seeking out the answers. Intelligence was not the only admirable quality for a Ravenclaw character, but wisdom. Students within this house had to know how to apply their knowledge, coming up with unique solutions that others may have missed when they initially viewed an issue.

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A student who joins the Ravenclaw house would value their learning at Hogwarts. They would seek to better themselves to uplift others, but they may falter in other aspects, such as viewing social interactions as a secondary option. Although some were solitary in their students, Ravenclaw characters would strive to work hard alongside others, sharpening their minds to benefit everyone. This is why their house symbol was the Raven, a witty creature prized for its brilliance and problem-solving, and their house colors are sapphire blue and bronze.

A character will be offered the Ravenclaw option if they choose the Curiosity option when speaking with the Sorting Hat during the ceremony at the start of the game.

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Picking Slytherin

Easily the most infamous houses at Hogwarts are the Slytherin. The students in this house view themselves as hungry for power, with a distinct ambition above the other houses. What type of power a character in this house values is up to them, but it could mean a variety of things: strength, gold, magical gains, or even power through friends. Given the history between the original Hogwarts founders, the house founding for Slytherin, Salazar Slytherin, and that of Gryffindor, Godric Gryffindor, had these two, and their houses, feuding with one another quite often. House rivalries are common in Hogwarts, but these notably butted heads frequently.

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A character in the Slytherin house would be resourceful, much like the house’s symbol, the Serpent. They would rely on their cunning to win the day, waiting for the perfect opportunity to gain what they believed was rightfully theirs, and had the power to take it before others could snatch it away from them. The house colors for Slytherin are bright green and silver.

During the Sorting Hat ceremony, should your character select the Ambition quality when speaking with the Hat, the recommended house will be Slytherin.

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