All Kings Canyon map changes in Apex Legends Season 14

Say hello to a brighter, more open Kings Canyon.

Image via Respawn

Alongside Vantage and a new level cap, Apex Legends Season 14 alters the fan favorite Kings Canyon to restore previously removed elements of the map. This includes a beloved POI that hasn’t been in the battle royale for years and a smaller town that was once known for its quality of loot. Players can also expect numerous changes that will affect how they traverse the map and where they find the best gear. Here’s every change made to Kings Canyon in the latest season.

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Every new and updated location in the Reforged Kings Canyon map

New POI: Relic

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Technically, Relic isn’t exactly a new location. The point of interest draws much of its inspiration from the now-destroyed Skull Town — so much so that it is built in the same area with the iconic skull and village even making their return. The major difference is that there is much more open space outside of Relic, giving players inside less cover from distant enemies. Developer Respawn Entertainment has said this change was primarily due to how tight Kings Canyon had become. So, it is safe to say the map won’t feel as fast-paced as before, thanks to this expansion.

Broken Relay becomes Basin

Image via Respawn

Players will notice an overhaul to the top-right corner of the map, as the barren Broken Relay POI has been turned into Basin. Despite the name change, Basin resembles much of Relay in previous iterations of Kings Canyon. This means there will be more multi-story buildings on each side of the location’s waterfall and added ziplines to help get you to each structure in seconds.

Cage and Containment shed their areas of cover

Image via Respawn

Although Cage’s name remains the same, it no longer has the same structure it’s based on. The three-story caged tower in the center of the POI has now lost its walls, leaving those inside vulnerable to ranged attacks. Similar changes have also happened to Containment. The hillside below the location substitutes its two wide buildings for an elevated deck with loot crates stored in every corner.

The map trades in pathways and Jump Towers for more ziplines

Image via Respawn

The Reforged Kings Canyon will force players to be more strategic when planning their next move, as multiple open paths have been closed off by reformed mountains. For one, the paths that connected Destroyed Bridge to River Center and Hillside have been removed, ensuring the location doesn’t fill up with players. As shown above, the cave that once connected Marketplace to River Center has now been enclosed by a reformed mountain. Although this will leave those in River Center without a quick exit, a new walkway has been implemented between the location and Destroyed Bridge.

However, there is now a bigger emphasis on using ziplines than ever before. This is apparent as more ziplines have been added to Artillery, Swamps, and Repulser. Though, to slow rotations, it is revealed a surprising five Jump Towers have been wiped away from the map.

Better loot and lighting

Image via Respawn

It was no secret that Crash Site and Spotted Lakes have become hot drops for their excessive amount of loot in Season 13. As a result, players can expect fewer loot crates at these POIs, but more inside less fruitful areas, such as Runoff, Hydro Dam, Swamps, and Octane’s Gauntlet. The devs have also addressed concerns that high-value loot wasn’t as plentiful as compared to other maps. Reforged Kings Canyon will fix this issue with more rare loot throughout each location.

As some veterans can likely tell, Kings Canyon isn’t as bleak and dark as previously remembered. This is because a bright blue sky now overlooks the reimagined map, improving lighting and making even the gloomiest of locations now vibrant.