Apex Legends’ Season 14 will revive Skull Town in King’s Canyon and skyrocket the level cap

An old relic comes back to King’s Canyon.

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends fans will be treated to much more than Legend Vantage in Season 14: Hunted. A new gameplay trailer has now revealed that the update will resurrect and alter the former Skull Town location in King’s Canyon as well as bring a new weapon attachment to SMGs and pistols. A new level cap is also coming to the battle royale and it will certainly take more than a few days of playtime to reach.

In just over a week, Apex players will experience an updated battle royale map in form of Reforged King’s Canyon. The gameplay trailer hints at several new structures being added throughout the map, though the biggest is a reimagined version of the retired Skull Town location. Now known as Relic, the POI features groups of multi-story buildings and now only a fragment of the iconic skull that once stood over the beloved location.

The footage has also unraveled what new additions players will see during combat. For one, a Laser Sights attachment has joined the game’s loot pool and can be applied to SMGs and pistols. The add-on can even be customized to display different colors. Speaking of customization, a few new Season 14 Battle Pass skins have already been highlighted, such as a gold Wraith cosmetic and a camouflage Caustic.

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Season 14 may even be the best time to earn Apex Packs and Legend Tokens with it introducing an expanded and reformatted leveling system. Upon its debut on August 9, players will be able to reach Level 500 an additional three times, ultimately now placing the level cap at 2,000. Those looking to achieve this massive feat may want to do so with the upcoming Legend Vantage. The female character is said to be a sniper specialist, and her abilities certainly seem to be centered around this.

via Apex Legends’ YouTube channel