All Legend and weapon changes for Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event

Yes. Caustic really got nerfed for his own event.

Caustic Chaos Theory skin

With the introduction of the Chaos Theory Collection Event, Apex Legends isn’t just seeing new modes and new cosmetics, but also many meta-changing nerfs and buffs. These changes are mostly for Legends, though there are some weapon changes as well.

The changes are similar in mass to the type we generally see at the start of a season, so it will be interesting to see how these changes continue to affect gameplay and balance, even after the event is over. Now let’s take a look at all of the changes the Chaos Theory event is bringing.

All Legend ability changes

  • Caustic, [Tactical & Ultimate] Nox Trap, Nox Gas Grenade:
    • [Nerf ↓] Ultimate Cooldown now 3.5 minutes (formerly 2.5 minutes)
    • [Nerf ↓] All Nox Gas now deal 5 damage per tick (formerly 6 increasing to 12)
  • Gibraltar, [Tactical] Dome of Protection:
    • [Nerf ↓] Healing items no longer get consumed at a 15% faster rate within the shield
  • Horizon, [Ultimate] Black Hole:
    • [Nerf ↓] Ultimate Cooldown now 3 minutes (formerly 2 minutes)
  • Pathfinder, [Perk] Low Profile:
    • [Change ↔] Low Profile has been removed from Pathfinder, he now has no Perk
  • Revenant, [Tactical] Silence:
    • [Buff ↑] Silence will now disable Mirage’s Cloaked Revive and Octane’s Swift Mend
  • Rampart, [Tactical & Ultimate] Amped Cover, Sheila:
    • [Buff ↑] Explosives now damage Rampart’s creations at the normal damage rate (formerly 200 to her Amped Cover and 175 to Sheila)
  • Wattson, [Passive] Spark of Genius:
    • [Buff ↑] In addition to its existing effects, Spark of Genius now gives Wattson a passive shield regeneration effect at 0.5 hp per second
      • Works the same as Octane’s Swift Mend does, but for shields and at half the speed
      • Stacks with Wattson’s Ultimate, Interception Pylon
      • Doesn’t work when actively taking damage

All weapon changes

  • Mastiff, [Shotgun]:
    • [Nerf ↓] Pellet damage decreased from 13 to 11
    • [Buff ↑] Fire rate increased from 1.0 to 1.1
  • Wingman, [Heavy, Pistol]:
    • [Buff ↑] Every magazine size increased by 1, from base all the way up to max
  • Hemlok, [Heavy, Assault Rifle]:
    • [Nerf ↓] Hip-fire spread increased to nerf close-range accuracy
  • Fully Kitted Weapons, [Various]:
    • All gold ARs and LMGs now are kitted with a 2x Bruiser optic (formerly 1x, 2x)
    • Players can now switch out the optics on any fully-kitted weapon, if they so choose

This article covers all major changes to Legends and weapons. To view bug fixes on these elements, refer to the Chaos Theory patch notes.