All Legend buffs and nerfs in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted

Giving newer Legends the respect they deserve.

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Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted may be remembered most for its gameplay changes than anything else. The latest season lends changes to nine different Legends and their abilities, most of which are incredibly impactful. For one, newer Legends Newcastle and Mad Maggie receive buffs to a majority of their moves. Meanwhile, Valkyrie appears to be the biggest casualty of the patch. Here is every character adjustment made in Season 14.

Every Legend adjustment in Season 14: Hunted

The rookie hazing of Mad Maggie and Newcastle is finally being put to an end with Season 14, as both of their Ultimates have been strengthened immensely. Maggie’s Wrecking Ball is now capable of destroying Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection, and it can now travel twice as far. For Newcastle, those going up against his Castle Wall Ultimate will be dealt with a new slowing effect. But, it isn’t all good news. The update also severely nerfs Valkyrie, hastening the Legend’s speed when any of her abilities are activated. You can find each Legend buff and nerf below, as revealed by Season 14’s patch notes.

All Legend buffs

  • Caustic
    • Fixed gas ramping bug where transitioning from friendly to enemy gas would initially damage for more than intended.
  • Mad Maggie
    • Riot Drill (Tactical ability)
      • Projectile launch speed doubled
    • Wrecking Ball (Ultimate ability)
      • Will travel twice as far while dropping the same amount of magnets
      • Duration increased from five seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Magnet Spawn delay increased from 0.4 of a second to 0.8 of a second
      • Wrecking Ball will destroy Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection and deal damage to the following placeable objects:
        • Black Market
        • Castle Walls
        • Exhibit
        • Death Totem
        • Mobile Shield
        • Black Hole
        • Amped Cover
        • Gas Barrels
  • Mirage
    • Mirage Decoys will now be scanned by Valk’s Skyward Dive
    • Mirage Decoys will now be picked up by Seer’s Heart Seeker.
    • Fixed a bug where Mirage Decoys were picked up by Seer’s Exhibit as AI and not players.
  • Newcastle
    • Retrieve the Wounded (Passive ability)
      • Increased move speed during revive by 25%
      • Reduced turn slow while reviving by 50%
      • Increased White Knockdown Shield health from 150 to 200
      • Increased Blue Knockdown Shield from 250 to 300
    • Mobile Shield (Tactical ability)
      • Increased HP from 350 to 500
      • Doubled max movement speed
    • Castle Wall (Ultimate ability)
      • Added turn slow to electrical barrier effects and increased the severity of the slow effect to movement.
  • Rampant
    • Now ignores friendly collision on Amped Cover placement (i.e. placing walls around teammates will feel more smooth)
  • Revenant
    • Death Totem (Ultimate ability)
      • Will now show a placement preview when activated instead of placing immediately
  • Wattson
    • Improvements to Perimeter Security placement system

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All Legend nerfs

  • Horizon
    • Black Hole (Ultimate ability)
      • Adjustments to N.E.W.T.’s hitbox to make destroying it more reliable
      • N.E.W.T. takes 50% more damage from explosives
  • Valkyrie
    • VTOL Jets (Passive ability)
      • Acceleration on activation decreased by about 8%
      • Fuel consumption on activation increased by 33%
      • Aerial boosting and strafing take a 20% debut when hit by slowing effects
      • Added a third orange state to the fuel meter UI between green and red
    • Missile Swarm (Tactical ability)
      • Aim/turn slow removed
      • Move slow duration decreased from 2.5 seconds to two seconds.
      • Reduced the explosion radius from 175 to 125
    • Skyward Dive (Ultimate ability)
      • Height reduction of 25%
      • Launch time reduction from 5.5 seconds to five seconds. Coupled with the height reduction, player using Valk’s Ultimate now travel upward at a slightly slower speed.

Fans wanting more changes beyond Legends will likely be pleased with the update’s weapon adjustments. Season 14 alters the Rampage LMG to now include a Thermite Grenade, while the EVA-8 and Bocek are both given impressive boosts to their damage. Players will also see new Gold weapons, as guns like the lackluster Mozambique will come fully-kitted.