All Legend skins in the Evolution Collection Event for Apex Legends

The fashion of the future is here.

Evolution Collection Event Legend skins

Images via Respawn

The Evolution Collection Event is Season 10 of Apex Legends’ first major event, only predated by minor events like the Arenas Flash Events. It is Rampart’s event and it is full of all futuristic and mechanical themed Legend skins. There are 7 Legendary-tier and 3 Epic-tier Legend skins in the event itself, not including skins returning via the event store (which will not appear on this list). In total, there are 10 new Legend skins. The three epic Legend skins are for Mirage, Crypto and Lifeline, though Lifeline also has a Legendary skin.

Evolution Collection Legend Skins

All skins except for the Epic Lifeline skin (which is from the Prize Tracker) are from the Evolution event collection itself. None of them are locked behind a premium store bundle like you see with lore events. The two event pack bundles that are in the store feature Rampart and Fuse. Let’s take a look at all of the Legend skins that the Evolution Collection Event has to offer.

Solar Soldier (Legendary Bangalore skin)

Solar Soldier
Screenshot by Gamepur

Peak Performance (Legendary Octane skin)

Peak Performance
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cybernetic Payload (Legendary Fuse skin)

Cybernetic Payload
Screenshot by Gamepur

Alabaster Titan (Legendary Lifeline skin)

Alabaster Titan
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cleanup Crew (Legendary Rampart skin)

Cleanup Crew
Screenshot by Gamepur

Elegant Mechanics (Legendary Pathfinder skin)

Elegant Mechanics
Screenshot by Gamepur

Neon Spectre (Legendary Wraith skin)

Neon Spectre
Screenshot by Gamepur

Hardened Circuitry (Epic Crypto skin)

Hardened Circuitry
Screenshot by Gamepur

Data Leak (Epic Mirage skin)

Data Leak
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cold Compress (Epic Lifeline skin)

Cold Compress
Screenshot by Gamepur