All Legend skins in the Thrillseekers Event for Apex Legends

Fight like a beast, look like a knockout.

Thrillseekers Legend Skins

Images via Respawn

Based around the Arenas game mode, Thrillseekers is a three-week long event in Apex Legends. It brought with it a new Arenas map, a new set of Prize Trackers and a bunch of new Legend skins. Some Legend skins are premium purchases, while others can be earned through the Prize Trackers. The only skin not yet available is Bangalore’s Lethal Enforcer, which will be available on July 27.

Thrillseekers Legend Skins

Thrillseekers is not a collection event, therefore these skins are either from the store, or from the Prize Trackers in the case of Rampart and Bangalore. These skins are all from the actual Thrillseekers Event.

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Ring Leader (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Ring Leader
Screenshot by Gamepur

Chuckles the Barrelman (Legendary Mirage skin)

Chuckles the Barrelman
Screenshot by Gamepur

Seeing Red (Legendary Revenant skin)

Seeing Red
Screenshot by Gamepur

Down Right Fierce (Legendary Pathfinder skin)

Down Right Fierce
Screenshot by Gamepur

Wastelander (Legendary Rampart skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lethal Enforcer (Rare Bangalore skin)

Lethal Enforcer
Screenshot by Gamepur

Other Legend Skins

Though they are not directly a part of the event, this list will also include new Legend skins from the Summer Splash Sale.

That said, we are not including old skins that are returning in the Summer Splash Sale, or any weapon skins. (This means you will not see Young Blood Bloodhound or Voidwalker Wraith on this list)

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Jammer (Epic Lifeline skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Apex Jump (Epic Octane skin)

Apex Jump
Screenshot by Gamepur

Festive Decor (Epic Fuse skin)

Festive Decor
Screenshot by Gamepur