All Legend skins in the War Games Event for Apex Legends

War Games isn’t a collection event, but it still has some great looks.

War Games Legend skins

The War Games event is finally here, and with it brings many new Legends skins, some from the Prize Tracker and some from the store. Unlike the most recent events that passed by, War Games is not a collection event, so none of the skins are craftable, and there are no Event Packs. That said, the skins that are here are still pretty nice. Let’s take a look at what the War Games event has to offer in terms of tricking out your Legends’ wardrobes.

War Games Legend Skins

Altogether, there are eight Legend skins in this event. The Legendary skins are going to have you shelling out premium currency if you want to get them, but the Epic and Rare skins are free via the Prize Tracker. The Legendary skins can either be purchases individually or via bundles of varying degree, leading up to a massive bundle holding all six Legendaries, appropriately called the War Games Bundle. The War Games Bundle is available for the entire event.

Blood and Thunder (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Blood and Thunder
Screenshot via Gamepur

Ghost Stalker (Legendary Lifeline skin)

Ghost Stalker
Screenshot via Gamepur

Swish-buckler (Legendary Mirage skin)

Screenshot via Gamepur

The Burgundy Knight (Legendary Pathfinder skin)

The Burgundy Knight
Screenshot via Gamepur

Queen’s Guard (Legendary Wraith skin)

Queen's Guard
Screenshot via Gamepur

Royal Huntmaster (Legendary Bloodhound skin)

Royal Huntmaster
Screenshot via Gamepur

Cryokinetic (Epic Rampart Skin)

Screenshot via Gamepur

Broken Syntax (Rare Crypto Skin)

Broken Syntax
Screenshot via Gamepur