All Prize Tracker rewards for the War Games Event in Apex Legends

New skins, charms and finally some trackers for Caustic.

New Legend Skins war games free, crypto and rampert

The War Games event has brought a unique Prize Tracker to Apex Legends that may excite some players, while others will be a little frustrated with the format. This Prize Tracker, first and foremost, has way less material/cosmetic prizes than the Collection Event trackers have. However, there still are nine cosmetic unlockables on the Prize Tracker, including a nice Epic-tier Legend skin. Let’s take a look at what makes the War Games Rewards Track so different.

Prize Tracker Rewards

There are fewer physical rewards this time around because this event is all about helping players who haven’t finished their Battle Pass yet, finish. This will be a disappointment to players who have already completed the Battle Pass but very helpful to those playing catch up. There are three XP Boosts at 750, 1,500 and 5,000 points, and for the first time, five full Battle Passes are earnable through the Prize Tracker. These are available at 500, 1,250, 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 points. All of the cosmetic rewards are below as follows.

Cryokinetic Epic Rampart Skin (3,500 points)

Screenshot via Gamepur

Broken Syntax Rare Crypto Skin (2,500 points)

Broken Syntax
Screenshot via Gamepur

Incan Prophecy Epic 30-30 Skin (5,000 points)

Incan Prophecy
Screenshot via Gamepur

Caustic Stat Trackers (750, 1,500 and 3,500 points)

Caustic Trackers
Assets via Respawn

Never Surrender Weapon Charm (2,500 points)

Never Surrender Charm
Screenshot via Gamepur

Thermite Grenade Weapon Charm (1,000 points)

Thermite Grenade Charm
Screenshot via Gamepur

War Games Badge (250 points)

War Games badge
Screenshot via Gamepur