All Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap

Legendary Pokemon have long been a staple of the series, and New Pokemon Snap upholds that tradition.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The world of Pokemon contains several different Legendaries, and many of them are waiting to be captured on camera in New Pokemon Snap. There are over 200 Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, and that includes 10 different Legendary Pokemon. You don’t need any Master Balls to catch them. Instead, you’ll just need to keep your eyes focused and ready while scanning and searching across the land.

Image via Nintendo

Listed below are the Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, along with the levels you’ll need to search to find them and capture them in your Photodex.

  • Celebi – Elsewhere Forest
Image via Nintendo
  • Diancie – Outway Cave
  • Ho-Oh – Fireflow Volcano
  • Jirachi – Ruins of Remembrance
  • Lugia – Lental Seafloor
Image via Nintendo
  • Manaphy – Reef
  • Mew – Founja Jungle
  • Shaymin – Florio Nature Park
  • Suicune – Shiver Snowfields
  • Xerneas – Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot

Some of them are hiding better than others, so just keep your eye out, level up each area’s Research Rank, and don’t hesitate on scanning and using items. Sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight and a quick scan can reveal them to you. Many of them are also hidden along secret paths, so be sure to interact with the environment and find ways to have Pokemon change the terrain when it looks like it might be possible.