All Lullaby Island Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Practice your Song of Resonance.

Image via Smilegate RPG

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In the seemingly endless search for Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, the tiny islands that dot the seas are relatively breezy. There are some hidden areas here and there, but considering the small sizes of these islands and their generally bright lighting, seed hunting is rarely easier. Some of this does come with a catch though, especially when it comes to islands like Lullaby Island.

Before you can get to the task of finding the four Mokoko Seeeds on Lullaby Island, you’ll first need to reach combat level 50. Then, you’ll need to purchase the Song of Resonance for a whopping 16,500 Pirate Coins. Once you’ve got your new sheet music, check the menu in the upper left corner of your screen to find a time when Lullaby Island’s secret area will be available. Then, once you’ve checked off all these boxes, you’re finally ready to head just southwest of Anikka to Lullaby Island.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re there, the first two Mokoko Seeds are easy enough to find. The two that are circled in the above map require a little more work. First, work your way through the island’s quest chain until you reach the point where you play the Song of Resonance to open the passage to Lullaby’s secret area. Then, when the countdown ends and you open the way, you can finally access the last two seeds on the island.

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