All Manuscript Page Locations at Watery in Alan Wake 2

You can find several Manuscript Pages while exploring Watery in Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you where to find them all.


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The Manuscript Pages in Alan Wake 2 allow you to look deeper into the larger story happening in the game. These pages are scattered throughout the narrative, but some are well-hidden and hard to find in Watery.

Each Manuscript Page contains a different part of the larger story, and collecting them can provide helpful insights into what’s going on in the background of Alan Wake 2. You can acquire new evidence for Saga’s cases, filling in the missing pieces. Here’s what you need to know about where and how to find all Manuscript Page Locations at Watery.

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Where To Find All Watery Manuscript Pages in Alan Wake 2

All Watery Manuscript Pages in Alan Wake 2
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These Manuscript Pages appear in several ways. Most of these pages will crop up during the larger narrative of Alan Wake 2, adding to the current plot of the story and offering additional details for players to learn. Many times, these Manuscript Pages add to Saga’s Case Board, filling in the blanks that might have been missing for crucial pieces of information. These are unlike the Nursery RhymesLunch Boxes, or the Cult Stashes that appear throughout the story and are considered side activities.

However, some of the Manuscript Pages appear on the ground throughout an important area. You’re not forced to pick these up, but it’s encouraged, given how many smaller details they fill in regarding the larger plot of Alan Wake 2.

Here’s what you need to know about how to find all Watery Manuscript Pages in Alan Wake 2.

Manuscript Page LocationManuscript Page NameDescription
Manuscript-Page-location-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Watery ForestBefore you reach the first break room in Watery’s Forest, on the east side there’s a Manuscript Page close to a Nursery Rhyme.
Manuscript-Page-location-2-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Watery Break RoomInside the first break room of Watery’s Forest is a Manuscript Page.
Manuscript-Page-location-3-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Coffee WorldBefore you enter Coffee World, there’s a Manuscript Page you can find close to the break room outside the Gift Shop.
Manuscript-Page-location-4-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Gift ShopInside the Coffee World Gift Ship is a Manuscript Page you can add to your collection.
Manuscript-Page-location-5-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Kalevala KnightsThere is a Manuscript Page inside the Kalevala Knights garage, which you can enter after you encounter the deputies.
Manuscript-Page-Location-9-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Kalevala Knights BasementAfter you make your way into the basement of the Kalevala Knights, you can find one in the middle of their ceremony room, shortly after failing to grab the Clicker.
Manuscript-Page-location-10-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Deerfest FloatWhen Saga is trying to learn how to unlock the Overlap in Watery, there’s a Manuscript Page that appears on the float that reveals the truth to her.
Manuscript-Page-location-6-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Manuscript Page – Espresso ExpressYou can find a Manuscript Page outside the Espresso Express.