All Cult Stash Locations at Watery in Alan Wake 2

There are multiple Cult Stashes that you can find while exploring the Watery town in Alan Wake 2, and this guide shows you how to find them.


Cult Stashes are small, locked containers in Alan Wake 2 that can provide several rewards. These were left by the Cult of the Tree, and you can find several of them in Watery, aiding you in your journey to defeat Mr. Scratch.

Many of the Cult Stashes have unique puzzles attached to them that you’ll need to figure out, or they have distinct combinations that you need to unwrap to retrieve the contents. This guide will show you where to find all Cult Stash locations at Watery in Alan Wake 2 and how to unlock them.

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Where to Find All Watery Cult Stash locations in Alan Wake 2

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The Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2 are held inside a distinct plastic container. On top of any Cult Stash, you’ll find a riddle, which will show you the solution you need to go through to solve how to unlock it. I’ve found that many solutions are typically hidden near a Cult Stash, so you never have to go too far to discover how to open it. However, some of them might become more complicated and force you to figure out the lock combination based on the details in the riddle.

After you unlock the Cult Stash, you take all of the items outside of it for yourself. These items are typically precious resources you can’t find in many places in Alan Wake 2, such as ammunition, flares, propane tanks, or medical supplies. The Cult Stashes are similar to the many Nursery Rhymes you’ll find in Watery, or the ones at Cauldron Lake.

These are all of the Cult Stash locations you can find at Watery in Alan Wake 2 and the solutions you need to do to unlock them.

Watery Cult Stash LocationCult Stash NameDescription
All-Cult-Stash-locations-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash ForestYou can find this Cult Stash close to the edge of the forest. All you have to do to unlock this Cult Stash is to follow the Simon Says puzzle, clicking the appropriate colors shown on the lock.
Cult-Stash-location-2-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash CrossbowYou’ll be able to find this Cult Stash outside of the coffee break area in the forest, next to the archery range. There will be several numbers at the archery range, and you need to find the ones with crossbow bolts inside them, which indicate the order you need to place into the combination. The correct answer is 527.
Cult-Stash-Location-3-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Gift ShopYou can find this outside of the Gift Shop in Coffee World. You’ll need to track down the code based on the stripped cups on the Slow Roaster. The correct code should be 147.
Cult-Stash-location-4-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Houtari WellThere is a Cult Stash that you can find close to the Houtari Well. It will tell you to look for the key behind the Coffee World mascot, Mr. Drippy. You won’t have to go too far to find it, and when you reach Mr. Drippy, there is a key behind it you can use to unlock this stash.
Cult-Stash-location-5-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash PierYou can acquire this Cult Stash after you complete the Thornton and Mulligan fight. For this stash, you’ll need to solve a quick puzzle regarding amps, and the answer for this should be 496.
Cult-Stash-location-6-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash LighthouseThis is a Cult Stash you can find on the outskirts of the Watery Lighthouse. There are several cult symbols surrounding the area that you need to locate, and they won’t be too far away from your current position. You’ll need to find all three of the correct symbols to unlock the stash. The code should be the cult symbols at the circle, on the cliff’s edge, the one colored II, and then the third colored III.
Cult Stash Trailer ParkAfter defeating Thornton and Mulligan, there’s a Cult Stash you can find at the trailer park. The key to the Cult Stash is to the right of it. Walk up to the plank to reach the top of the meter, and collect the Trailer Park Stash key.
Cult-Stash-Location-8-at-Watery-in-Alan-Wake-2Cult Stash Kalevala KnightsThere’s a Cult Stash in the back area of the Kalevala Knights garage. You need the bolt cutters to reach them. When you get to the other side, the way you open the Cult Stash is by counting the spare parts for each ride. The code is 542.