All maps in Rainbow Six Extraction

Know your battlegrounds.


Screenshot via Ubisoft’s YouTube

Rainbow Six Extraction has several elements that make each mission unique. Whether it’s the enemy placement, objective locations, or the type of mission you’re taking on, there’s always something slightly different each time you jump into the game. One of the more constant variables in each mission is the maps, which we’ve covered in this guide so that you roughly know what to expect when jumping into a mission. 

There are four major regions in Rainbow Six Extraction, each of which has three zones. However, every zone has three sub-zones that make up the three levels in each mission. You’ll have one objective to complete per sub-zone, increasing in difficulty as you move through the mission. We’ve organized the regions and zones below, but remember that every zone is effectively three maps in one.

  • New York City
    • Monolith Gardens: An overgrown residential area.
    • Liberty Island: A unique take on the island where Lady Liberty resides.
    • Police Station: An infested police station that’s taken on an entirely new look.
  • San Fransicso
    • Tenderloin: An infected neighborhood in the city.
    • Enterprise Space Foundation: The headquarters of an advanced company that has now become overrun with alien scum.
    • Apollo Casino and Resort: A casino and resort that no one wanted to leave before it was filled with The Sprawl, now everyone is dying to get out.
  • Alaska
    • Eurydice Valley: A point where the infestation hit early on, when it was least expected.
    • Orpheus Research Center: A complex where intese research into the aliens was taking place.
    • Nome: A seemingly quiet farm that was heavily impacted by the infestation for some reason.
  • Truth or Consequences
    • Sierra County Hospital: Very close to ground zero for the infestation, where the first patients started to exhibit symptoms.
    • Downtown: Completely destroyed city blocks close to ground zero.
    • Dam: A huge dam in the region where the infection has sprad and is casuing serious issues.

Regardless of how frequently you play each map, every mission will be unique. The many random elements in each mission and the constantly changing Sprawl that coats walls and floors everywhere make it impossible to predict and plan for every mission. Map knowledge can still be useful, though. You need to adapt to enemy and objective placements.