All Medallions Dispensers Location – Fallout 4: Nuka-World

In Fallout 4 DLC Nuka-World, the player will soon encounter bottle shaped robot N.I.R.A roaming outside the Cola-cars Courtyard who will give you the quest – Precious Medal. In this quest, you need to find 7 Medallion dispensers located in the Nuka-world. So let’s get start with our Medallion dispensers hunt and find them all.

All Medallions Dispensers Location

All Medallions Dispensers Location

As soon as you start the “Precious Medals” quest, you will find a little tough quest to Collect the Dispenser for the Nuka-Cola robot N.I.R.A, but with these location guide, you will collect all 7 Medallions with ease. Once you locate all 7 medallion dispensers, robot N.I.R.A will get you Nuka-Cola flavors as a reward.

Medallion 1:

This medallion is found in the Galactic Zone. In the “Vault-Tec”, go to the “Among the stars” building, through which you reach the exit.

You will find the medallion dispenser next to the vault-Tec exit door.

Medallion 2:

This medallion also found in the Galactic Zone. In the “Nuka-Galaxy”, reach till the end of the ride or else in the starting near the ride, you will find two master locks get through them.

After reaching the end point of the rocket, take the steps and after that go right to find the medallion.

Medallion 3:

This medallion is found in the Bottling plant. In the “world of Refreshment”, enter the entrance of ride and find where the lines form.

You will find the medallion dispenser in the open area.

Medallion 4:

This medallion is found in the Kiddie Kingdom. In the “Nuka Racers” on your map, you will find unmarked ride west of the Funhouse. Just next to the ride boarding area, you will find the Medallion dispenser.

Medallion 5:

This medallion is also found in the Kiddie kingdom. At the base of the Ferris wheel, you will find the metal fence which leads to an alley near the tea cups ride, there you will find the medallion dispenser.

Medallion 6:

This Medallion is found in Safari Adventure in the Cappy’s Tree House, You will find an elevator by navigating the hedge maze. In the first floor of the tree house, at the right side of the balcony, you will find the Medallion dispenser.

Medallion 7:

This medallion is found in the Dry Rock Gulch in the Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster. You will come across the Sheriff Eagle and Hawk, have a conversation and complete their quest to get the keys of the minecart ride. Near the two entrances to the Dry Rock Gulch, you will find quest suggesters. Go through the mines until you find the gift shop with the chained door. You will find the Medallion dispenser next to the door.


Nuka-cola Dark, Nuka-Grape, Nuka-cola Quantum, Nuka-cola wild as the reward. Once you get the reward, find the Nuka-cola Mixers in the Parks. If you have Nuka-cola recipes, you can mix Nuka-cola flavors to make new brews by using special dispenser stations.