All Meteorite Locations Day 2 – Genshin Impact Unknown Stars

Get them while they’re hot.

Genshin Impact

Day 2 of Genshin Impact’s Unknown Star event is underway. This is the first part of the Unreconciled Stars event, and involves a lot of running around the map gathering up pieces of fallen meteorite. This will get you an important currency that you can spend in the event shop to get some pretty sweet rewards.

All the work involved in putting these maps together was done by Redditor Shukaaa, who has done a wonderful job tracking them all down.

Remember, when you get close to them with your character their Vision will start to glow, and eventually give off a low hum when you are very close to them. They can also appear in awkward places, like the roof of a building, or the face of a cliff.

Before you go off hunting them, be sure to grab the relevant missions in the Event Menu to get some extra Mora and Primogems.

The next part of the event, Star of Deceitful Dreams, will be going live tomorrow, November 18, and will have lots of new activities to do, so make sure you clear up the Unknown Star content before then.

Cape Oath

Qingyun Peak

Yaoguang Shoal