All Minecraft status effects and how to get them

Each and every status effect in Minecraft, what they do, and how to acquire them.

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A Status Effect in Minecraft is either a helpful or harmful condition that can have an effect on your character or NPCs. Status Effects can be caused by various methods in the game, including consuming potions and foods, battling mobs with specific attack methods, or even being in the range of Beacons or Conduits. This guide will list all of the various types of Status Effects in Minecraft, describe what they do, and show you how to acquire or cause their outcome.

Status EffectDescriptionHow to Acquire or Cause
SpeedIncreases walking speedPotion of Swiftness, Arrow of Swiftness, or Beacon set to Speed
SlownessDecreases walking speedPotion of Slowness, Arrow of Slowness, Splash Potion of the Turtle Master, Stray (melee attack), or Bane of Arthropods (enhancement)
HasteIncreases Mining and Attack SpeedBeacon set to Haste or Haste II
Mining FatigueDecreases Mining and Attack Speedvia affliction by an Elder Guardian
StrengthIncreases Melee DamagePotion of Strength, Arrow of Strength, Beacon, or simply being a Zombie Villager
WeaknessDecreases Melee DamagePotion of Weakness, Arrow of Weakness, or from Suspicious Stew (crafted from a Tulip)
Instant HealthHeals living entities, damages undeadPotion of Healing, Arrow of Healing
Instant DamageDamages living entities, damages undeadPotion of Harming, Arrow of Harming
Jump BoostIncreases jump height and reduces fall damagePotion of Leaping, Arrow of Leaping, Beacon set to Jump Boost, or Suspicious Stew (made with a Cornflower)
NauseaWobbles and warps the screenZombie Villager gets cured, Piglin or Hoglin gets zombified, or if you eat a Pufferfish
RegenerationRegenerates health over timePotion of Regeneration, Arrow of Regeneration, Beacon set to Regeneration, Suspicious Stew (made with Oxeye Daisy), Golden Apply, Enchanted Golden Apple, Totem of Undying
ResistanceReduces damageBeacon set to Resistance, Enchanted Golden Apple, Potion of the Turtle Master, Arrow of the Turtle Master
Fire ResistanceGrants immunity to Fire and LavaPotion of Fire Resistance, Arrow of Fire Resistance, Totem of Undying, Suspicious Stew (made with Allium)
Water BreathingBreathe underwaterPotion of Water Breathing, Arrow of Water Breathing, Turtle Shell
InvinsibilityMakes you invisible, but not items and armor wornPotion of Invisibility, Arrow of Invisibility, Illusioner
BlindnessImpairs vision, unable to sprint and critical hitIllusioner, Suspicious Stew (made with Azure Bluet).
Night VisionNegates darknessPotion of Night Vision, Arrow of Night Vision, Conduit Power, Suspicious Stew (made with Poppy).
HungerIncreases food exhaustionHusk, Pufferfish, Rotten Flesh, Raw Chicken
PoisonInflicts damage over time (but does not kill)Potion of Poison, Arrow of Poison, Cookie, Poisonous Potato, Pufferfish, Suspicious Stew (Crafted from Lily of the Valley), Spider Eye, Cave Spider, or Bee
WitherInflicts damage over time (can kill)Potion of Decay, Arrow of Decay, Wither, Wither Skeleton, Wither Rose, or Suspicious Strew (made with Wither Rose).
Health BoostIncreases maximum healthThrough Commands or custom potions
AbsorptionAdds damage absorptionGolden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apple, Totem of Undying
SaturationRestores hunger and saturationSuspicious Stew (crafted with Blue Orchid or Dandelion)
GlowingOutlines entitiesSpectral Arrow, Bell
LevitationFloats entities upwardShulker
LuckIncreases the chance of high-quality and more lootPotion of Luck, Arrow of Luck
Bad LuckReduces the chance of high-quality and more lootCannot be obtained
Fatal PoisonInflicts damage over timeCookie
Slow FallingDecreases falling speed and negates fall damagePotion of Slow Falling, Arrow of Slow Falling
Conduit PowerIncreases underwater visibility and mining speed, prevent drowningActivated Conduit
Dolphin’s GraceImproves swimming speedDolphins
Bad OmenCauses an illager raid to start upon entering a villageRaid captain
Hero of the VillageGives discounts on trades with villagers, makes villagers throw items at the player depending on their professionAll Illagers in the final wave of a raid are killed