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All Minecraft status effects and how to get them

Watch out for the nerfs while giving yourself a buff.

You may not think of status effects much when playing Minecraft, but there are well over a dozen of these modifiers that can affect you positively or negatively. You will likely run into multiple of these as you venture throughout your world, but some may evade you. Here is a full list of all status effects in Minecraft and how they can be applied to you.

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Every Minecraft status effect and what they do

NameEffectHow to get
AbsorptionAdds extra golden hearts above your health bar that will take damage before your main healthGolden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apple, Totem of Undying
Bad Luck (Java only)Gives you lesser chances to get better loot from dropsCommands
Bad OmenCauses a raid to happen when the affected player is in a VillageKill an Illager Captain
BlindnessPuts a black fog around you making it harder to see, prevents you from sprinting or landing critical hitsSuspicious Stew, Illusioner (Java only)
Conduit PowerAllows you to breathe and mine faster underwater, harms hostile mobs when close to the ConduitActivated Conduit
DarknessDarkens your visionSculk Shrieker, Warden
Dolphin’s Grace (Java only)Makes swimming through water fasterSwim near Dolphin
Fatal Poison (Bedrock only)Inflicts damage over time to ParrotsFeed a Cookie to a Parrot
Fire ResistancePrevent damage from fire and lavaEnchanted Golden Apple, Potion of Fire Resistance, Totem of Undying, Suspicious Stew
Glowing (Java only)Outlines enemies for you to see through blocksBell, Spectral Arrow
HasteIncreases mining and attack speedBeacon
Health BoostGives you empty heart containers that can be filledCommands
Hero of the VillageGain discounts when trading with VillagersDefeat a Raid
HungerIncreases the rate your hunger bar depletesHusk, Rotten Flesh, Pufferfish, Raw Chicken
Instant DamageInflicts immediate damage, heals undeadPotion of Harming
Instant HealthRecover health instantly rather than over timePotion of Healing
InvisibilityMakes you invisible, does not affect armor or other items on youPotion of Invisibilty, Illusioner
Jump BoostMakes you jump higherPotion of Leaping, Beacon, Suspicious Stew
LevitationMakes you slowly float into the airShulker
Luck (Java only)Gives you better chances to earn rare lootPotion of Luck
Mining FatigueSlows mining and attacksElder Guardian
NauseaDistorts the screenPufferfish
Night VisionLights up dark places without light sourcesPotion of Night Vision, Activated Conduit, Suspicious Stew
PoisonInflicts damage over time, but cannot killPotion of Poison, Bee, Cave Spider, Pufferfish, Suspicious Stew, Witch
RegenerationRegain health over timePotion of Regeneration, Totem of Undying, Beacon, Golden Apple
ResistanceReduces damageBeacon, Golden Apple, Potion of the Turtle Master
SaturationRestores foodSuspicious Stew
SlownessDecreases walking speedPotion of Slowness, Potion of the Turtle Master, Stray
Slow FallingSlows descent through the air, prevents fall damagePotion of Slow Falling
SpeedIncreases walking speedPotion of Swiftness, Beacon
StrengthIncreases melee damagePotion of Strength, Beacon
Water BreathingLets you breathe underwaterPotion of Water Breathing, Turtle Shell, Activated Conduit
WeaknessDecreases melee damagePotion of Weakness, Suspicious Stew
WitherSustain damage over timeWither, Wither Skeleton, Wither Rose, Suspicious Stew, Potion of Decay

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