All Minecraft Villager Changes coming in 1.20.2 Snapshot

Minecraft’s next update is set to have some new features and changes coming to Minecraft Villagers. Here are the notes.

Minecraft Villager

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Minecraft is a game that often receives updates that keep players excited to return to it daily and continue playing. While the updates might not come as often as other games, with each one, they add new content for players to explore and enjoy, one of the most recent ones, 1.20.2 Snapshot, being the new biome featuring Cherry Blossom trees.

Minecraft recently shared a Snapshot of what players can expect in the 1.20.2 update, and it features a few new changes and features to Villagers, which is what it focuses on a lot, it seems, by the lengthy notes of changes.

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Minecraft Villager’s Are Getting Some Changes With 1.20.2 Snapshot

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Below is a list of the changes that will come out soon for Minecraft villagers, and the complete list of notes for the update can be read onĀ Minecraft official website.



This snapshot introduces a new experimental Feature Toggle that updates the Wandering Trader and Librarian trades. You must turn on this Feature Toggle in the Experiments Menu when creating a new world if you want to test the new trades. You can find more information about Feature Toggles here.

As this is an experiment, we would really appreciate your feedback as work continues and to help us decide on the future direction for Villager trades. Visit this link to share your thoughts!


Before these changes, players could get any village enchantment from any Librarian. A novice Librarian could sell the best enchantment in the game! For some players, this felt too random and made trading feel overpowered when compared to using the Enchanting Table or searching for Enchanted Books in structures.

With the new rules, Librarians from different biomes sell different enchantments, and each village biome has one enchantment that is only sold by master Librarians.

Players will have to work towards getting the best trades instead of relying on random chance. We hope this makes Librarian trading more interesting and skillful, while also revealing some clues about their history of each village type through the enchantments that are sold there.

Image via Java Team
  • Librarians from different biomes now sell different Enchanted Books
  • Each village biome has one special enchantment that is only available from Master Librarians with full XP
  • This means that players must visit all seven village biomes to get the full set of villager enchantments
  • There are two secret village biomes where villages do not generate
    • A player must build these villages to access their trades!
  • Some enchantments have been removed from village trading and must be found in other ways

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Some players felt that the Wandering Trader had unfair prices and didn’t sell many useful items. We have lowered their prices, added more trades and increased the amounts available. The Wandering Trader will also now buy useful items from players, so it’s possible to help them on their journey by giving them supplies even if you don’t feel like buying anything.

Image via Java Team
  • Wandering Traders now have lower prices and have a higher amount of each item in stock
  • Wandering Traders now sell Logs
  • Wandering Traders can now buy many items, instead of only selling