All Mistlands enemies in Valheim

Why can’t Mists ever hide something cute and cuddly?

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Mistlands are a dangerous place in Valheim. The latest end-game biome hides many dangers that lurk within its fogs. Prospective Vikings should prepare well before delving into the Mistlands. You need to know what is waiting on the other side. if you don’t want to meet a grisly end. In this guide, we will list all of the enemies that can be found in the Mistlands biome in Valheim.

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All Mistlands enemies in Valheim


Image via Iron Gate

The Dvergr are the dwarf-like enemies you will find in Mistlands, and our old pal Haldor can be counted as one of them. They have blue-tinged skin, glowing blue eyes, and bushy red beards. They can be both passive and aggressive toward the player, depending on how they act around them. They are usually found in groups of several Dvergr, with a mix of types, and can present a dangerous foe if roused. The Dvergr as enemies come in two flavors:

  • Dvergr Rogue — These enemies come equipped with nasty crossbows that are able to fire varied types of bolts, such as fire and ice. They are the more numerous of the two types of Dvergr when they appear in mixed groups.
  • Dvergr Mage — These enemies can be extremely dangerous. They wield the Eitr-powered staves of either Embers or Frost, which defines their attack type. You’ll usually face only one at a time, but it’s not too uncommon to find two of them in a camp, making that encounter especially treacherous.

The best tactic to employ when fighting groups of Dvergr is to try kiting a few away and dealing with them individually. Be especially careful around the Mages, and if at all possible, try to isolate and defeat them first.


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The Gjall looks like a bloated floating eldritch abomination. It might look like it’s just going to float away, but if you get too close, it will suddenly start shooting exploding fiery projectiles at you. The best way to tackle Gjall is by using a ranged weapon such as a bow. You can attempt to ride it too, but it can buck you off very easily, so it’s not advisable to try. You’ll want to hunt a few down nonetheless because they have a chance to drop Bilebag, a resource that is used in crafting several new late-game items.


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Seekers are ant-like creatures that stalk the Infested structures of Mistlands. You’ll recognize them by the chitinous green growths around their lairs. Most Seekers are able to fly short distances to close the gap. Though usually not strong on their own, Seekers like to move in groups, and even call others when a fight starts, so you’ll have to watch your back. Seekers come in a few types:

  • Seeker Brood — The least dangerous type of Seekers, Brood will spawn from eggs whether you destroy them or not. There can be an awful lot of them around though, especially if eggs are involved, so you have to be careful with any AOE that you might have.
  • Seeker Soldier — Soldiers are the only Seeker type that can’t fly, but they make up for that with their thick armor. They have several attacks that will make you have to change your tactic by watching their movement. They like to either bite, headbutt, or attack all around them with their vicious claws.
  • Seeker Tick — Ticks are usually found in groups. These small, nasty creatures attack by jumping onto your back and then slowly sapping your health until you die. That’s why your best approach with them is to use range to your advantage.

Seekers are a good source of Carapace which they can drop when you kill them. You will need to gather a lot of it anyway if you plan on making the new Mistlands armor sets.