How to get the Feather Cape in Valheim

Fit to make Hugin jealous.

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A host of new features are added to Valheim with the Mistlands update, including the new biome and new mechanics, materials, foes, and items. One of the interesting new wearable items that have been added is the Feathered Cape.

This magic cloak adds a very important piece of utility to your Viking’s repertoire — it lets you float down when falling, thus negating treacherous fall damage. This is especially useful when you’re out on the steep slopes of the Mountains biome, but it will come in handy in Mistlands too, where obscured vision can lead you to take a wrong step. You can obtain it through a new crafting recipe, and in this guide, we will explain how to get your very own Feathered Cape in Valheim.

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How to get Feathered Cape in Valheim

The Feathered Cape is a new craftable item that requires you to build a new crafting station and gather a few rare materials too. To make the new cape, you’ll first need to build the Galdr Table, which is the new advanced crafting station. This table lets you craft various new magic-related items, so it will be a useful part of your workshop.

Feathered Cape crafting recipe

Next, you’ll have to gather the materials for the recipe. To make the Feathered Cape, you’ll need the following:

  • 10 Feathers — The most mundane of required items, you can gather these by shooting or (rarely) scaring birds into dropping them, or finding them randomly in chests.
  • 5 Scale Hide — This item drops from an unlikely source. The new Hare mobs in Mistlands are quick, but if you can kill them, they can drop Scale Hide and Hare Meat.
  • 20 Refined Eitr — This magical resource is made in Eitr Refinery from the new production chain that involves sap and Yggdrasil wood. It will take time to refine 20, but it’s worth it, as you’ll need more for other recipes too.
Image via Iron Gate

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After you have gathered all of the necessary materials, use the Galdr Table to craft the Feathered Cape. Now you won’t have to fear fall damage any longer and can explore some of the more dizzying places in peace. Moreover, this cloak will also give you a small boost to Frost Resistance as an extra bonus.