How to get and raise chickens in Valheim

In Valheim, we know which one came first.

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Cluck-cluck, the chickens have joined Valheim’s repertoire of farm animals that you can tame, raise, and breed. They have been added as part of the huge Mistlands update, and with them come new husbandry techniques, as well as new cooking recipes that involve poultry. Similar to boars, you will have to do some prep work to get a chicken farm going, but this guide will explain how to raise and breed chickens in Valheim. 

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How to find, tame, and breed chickens in Valheim

As far as we can tell, you cannot find chickens out in the wilds of Valheim. However, you can obtain your first chicken egg by finding Haldor the Merchant. There, you can purchase the egg for 1,500 Gold and take it back home with you.

Before you’re ready to hatch the egg, we suggest that you do some prep work first. Just like with other domestic animals, you’ll want to create a coop and pen it in, so that the chickens can be safe inside. Make the coop open from one or two sides, but covered with a roof so that it gives the ‘sheltered’ status. Then, make a source of heat for your chickens and their eggs. A simple Campfire will do. Now you’re ready to hatch the egg.

Place the egg close to the fire until you see the status change from ‘cold’ to ‘warm’. Make sure it’s not too close to the fire because you don’t want your newly hatched chicken running into the flames to get instantly killed. The egg takes some time to hatch, but once it does, it will be tamed and bound to you. That chicken will eventually grow into a Hen, and from then on, you will be able to get eggs as long as you keep her fed and happy. Hens enjoy seeds of all kinds, so keep some on hand to feed your chickens, which in turn will make them produce eggs for you, thus giving you a chance to get more chickens.

Once you get your chicken farm going, you’ll be able to rake in a steady supply of eggs, chicken meat, and feathers.