Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak leaks reveal Final Boss Gaismagorm, variant monsters, and more

Quite the loot drop.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is due to release in just a few days, but that hasn’t stopped some enterprising folks from leaking more information about the game ahead of its launch. Data miner AsteriskAmpersand revealed a host of images allegedly mined from Monster Hunter Rise’s massive incoming expansion, including artwork for the full monster list and a few actual 3D models of new monsters.

One of the most notable claims in this leak was an icon and model for Gaismagorm, which is rumored to be the final boss of the expansion. This towering behemoth bears a decent resemblance to Narwa, the final boss of the base game, and its model, which appears to include rotting flesh, has sent the rumor mill into overdrive with possible theories and connections to established lore.

AsteriskAmpersand also revealed a catalog of artwork for the other creatures set to arrive in Sunbreak. Fans have identified many of the monsters and their variants, including Shagaru Magala, Furious Majang, and Scorned Magnamalo. Scorned Magnamalo even has the bonus of an (admittedly fairly low-quality) screenshot showing itself off in-game, shared by Twitter user @5656Bang.

Naturally, all of the above should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially with no official word from Capcom. While there are many genuine leaks that find their way onto social media and the like, there are just as many forgeries created to hoodwink excited fans. Nevertheless, AsteriskAmpersand’s info could be the real deal, as several of the images shared on Twitter have been the subject of a DMCA takedown by Capcom — a curious move from the company if there was no truth to the leaks.