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Best starting weapon for new hunters in Monster Hunter Rise

Time to get hunting.

Many weapons in Monster Hunter Rise are complicated to pick up and even harder to master. A select few, however, are great for new hunters coming into the series for the first time. The Sword and Shield, Lance, and Switch Axe offer a relatively simple but effective playstyle with plenty of room for mastery. Here’s why you should start with one of these weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Why you should choose the Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise

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The Sword and Shield offers excellent defense, plenty of mobility, and good defensive options. You’ll be effective using the Basic and Powerful combos (listed in the Hunter’s Notes), and when you get comfortable, add in the Monster Stunning and Charged Slash combos. The Sword and Shield’s advanced moveset, including backstepping into a Charged Slash, Perfect Rush, and using items mid-combo, are likely to come naturally as you use the weapon. Keep your guard up whenever you face a new monster so you can learn their moveset without fear of reprisal.

Why you should choose the Lance in Monster Hunter Rise

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The Lance is, at its core, a poking weapon from behind your shield. It also has a side hop with generous invincibility frames you’ll want to learn quickly. The simple and easy strategy is to hold your guard and let the monsters come to you. Then, once they’re close, poking away at them with your shield raised. You’ll be able to add more moves and move cancels as you become more familiar with the weapon, and Guard Up jewels will help you stay in the fight while on the defensive.

Why you should use the Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Rise

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You can do some fancy-looking maneuvers with the Switch Axe, but its combo structure starts very new-player friendly. One or two uses of the basic combo (Triangle/Y x2 -> Circle/X -> Triangle/Y) is usually enough to fill the weapon’s Amp Guage, which provides a bit of free extra damage. The Element Discharge (Triangle/Y and Circle/X pressed simultaneously) is one of the best DPS options in the game. It is dangerous against tougher monsters, as you’ll still take damage from their attacks while attached to them, but time it right, and you’ll put almost anything in the ground quickly and easily.

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