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All Moth Puzzle Solutions in The Helm of Urtkot in Hogwarts Legacy

There are several moth puzzles you need to solve in Hogwarts Legacy's The Helm of Urtkot quest, and this guide covers them all.

As you work your way through the main story of Hogwarts Legacy, there are several quests with multiple puzzles you have to figure out. One of the notable puzzles you must solve occurs during The Helm of Urtkot, which involves moths.

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These moth puzzles are similar to the other moth puzzles and picture frames you discover as you explore Hogwarts. The primary spell you’re going to focus on using will be Lumos. However, knowing this spell is not the trick to these puzzles. It’s all about knowing how to solve them, and where you need to know. Here’s what you need to know about how to solve all moth puzzles during The Helm of Urtkot quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Solve The First Poth Puzzle in the Witch’s Tomb

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You have to complete four moth puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy for The Helm of Urtkot quest. These moth puzzles are distinctly different from the Moth mirror puzzles you have to solve throughout Hogwarts, but they follow the same concept of how you complete them.

The initial moth puzzle you find at the beginning of The Helm of Urtkot is simple and is a good way to introduce you to how the other puzzles work. You’ll need to use the Lumos spell to attract the moths to the locked door and then uncast Lumos. When you uncast Lumos, the moths will pull away from you and stick into the door, giving you access to the next area.

How to Solve The Second Moth Puzzle in the Witch’s Tomb

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The second moth door requires three moths in Hogwarts Legacy. The first two are in the same room as the door, but to get the third one, you’ll need to cast Depulso on the doors to the east. This will force them open, and you’ll be able to get the moth in the room beyond.

How to Solve The Third Moth Puzzle in the Witch’s Tomb

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Place a moth in the large moth-shaped key in the center of the room, then use Depulso on the key to rotate it. This brings down a stone lift at one side of the room. Stand on the lift, use Depulso on the key again, and climb up to get a moth. Place this moth, the moth in the key, and the other moth in the room into the door to unlock it.

How to Solve The Fourth Moth Puzzle in the Witch’s Tomb

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The fourth moth puzzle is in a large room full of Inferius skeletons that you might have encountered in other areas in Hogwarts Legacy. Place a moth in the key on the west side of the room, then stand in the gap west of the key and cast Depulso three times on the key so that the platform you’re standing on goes all the way to the top. Step off on the north side, rotate the key three times again, then quickly cast Lumo to get the moth up here and take it across the stone platform to the door.

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Back on the lower floor, move the moth on the northeast side of the room to the moth pedestal on the southwest side. Now, go back to the lift and rotate the key to make the southwest pedestal rise, allowing you to move the moth from the pedestal to the door.

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The third moth is in an alcove next to the door. And that’s the last moth puzzle. You can now proceed forward in this main Hogwarts Legacy quest to reach the end of it and advance the main story of your campaign.

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