How to solve skeleton bridge puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

Create a bridge using skeletons during certain puzzles.

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There are a handful of puzzles you can find while exploring Hogwarts Legacy, and a more difficult one to solve involves skeleton bones, where you need to make a skeleton bridge. These distinct skeleton spines are sticking out of the ground and have this distinct orange glow to them, hinting that you can do something with them. You’ll find these puzzles often while playing Hogwarts Legacy, and knowing the solutions will make playing the game much easier. Here’s what you need to know about how to solve the skeleton bridge puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete the bone pile puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll know you’re trying to complete a skeleton bridge puzzle based on the skeleton spine sticking out of the ground. What you need to look for are large piles of bones. These might be hidden in the immediate area, where you’ll need to use the Accio or Depulso spells to reveal them. Once you have them on the ground, the next step is to use Accio to summon the skeleton bones to your location.

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When you recover all the bones, or enough of them, using Accio, the next step is to bring them over to the skeleton spine. You want to drag these bones over to this location and wait a few seconds. Eventually, the bones will magically begin to attach themselves to the spine, and they’re going to create a magical bridge, giving you access to a new location. This might lead you upstairs or allow you to cross a gap to the other side.

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You’re likely going to encounter these routes several times while playing Hogwarts Legacy. It appears in a handful of locations, usually in side areas you have to discover while exploring off-the-beaten path.