All Mothman Equinox event rewards and how to get them in Fallout 76

The Mothman Equinox has begun!

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There are a ton of rewards you can get from the Mothman Equinox events in Fallout 76. This event requires you to help out the Cultists who follow the Wise Mothman as they prepare for the equinox. Here are all the rewards you can get from the Mothman Equinox event in Fallout 76.

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There are three reward tiers for the Mothman Equinox event. This correlates with the number of pyres that you need to defend during the event. If you have all three pyres left burning at the end of the event, you will get tier three rewards, tier two for two pyres left, and tier one for one pyre left.

No matter what tier you get, you will obtain a few guaranteed rewards. You will obtain the Mothman Equinox Souvenir Beer Stein (if you don’t already know the plan), a Large Good Bag, and three Treasury Notes. The other rewards are dependent upon how many pyres are left.

The tier three rewards are:

  • 500XP
  • 60 Caps
  • Three Legendary Cores
  • A three-star legendary item
  • A one-star legendary item
  • A Mothman Equinox item

The tier two rewards are:

  • 300XP
  • 40 Caps
  • Two Legendary Cores
  • A one-star legendary item
  • 50% chance of receiving a Mothman Equinox item

the tier-one rewards are:

  • 300XP
  • 40 Caps
  • One Legendary Core
  • A one-star legendary item
  • 15% chance of receiving a Mothman Equinox item

The Mothman Equinox items are a collection of items that are exclusive to the Mothman Equinox event. You are guaranteed to get one of these items if you complete the event and obtain tier three rewards. Here is a list of the Mothman Equinox items.

  • Plan: Wise Mothman Throne
  • Plan: Cultist Backpack
  • Cultist Enlightened Robe
  • Cultist Enlightened Hood
  • Cultist Adept Clothes
  • Cultist Adept Helmet
  • Cultist Neophyte Clothes
  • Cultist Neophyte Helmet
  • Cultist Incarnate Helmet

You can also obtain the Cultist High Priest Robes and Hood by defeating Cultist High Priests around Appalachia. These enemies appear randomly throughout the world. They affect the world around them and get enemies to fight by their side when you encounter them. Each one of these enemies is legendary and has a chance to drop their gear.