Fallout 76’s Atlantic City: New Location, Factions, and Casinos Await in December

Atlantic City is coming to Fallout 76 in December 2023, as was confirmed during the Xbox tokyo Games Show 2023 Digital Broadcast.


Screenshot via Xbox YouTube channel

Last night, during the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2023 Digital Broadcast, the release date for Fallout 76’s Atlantic City update was confirmed. This update may be one of the most highly-anticipated to date because of the themes it shares with the beloved Fallout New Vegas.

Atlantic City is a brand new location for the game, filled with factions, creatures, and activities for all players to get familiar with once the update goes live. This is just half of what Bethesda has planned for Fallout 76 in the near future. Atlantic City just got so big they decided to give it the attention it deserves.

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Atlantic City Invites Players to the Flesh Casino Later This Year

The Atlantic City update was one of the first things shown during the Xbox TGS 2023 Digital Broadcast amid a plethora of exciting announcements. The game’s art director, Jonathan Rush, guided fans through the snippets of the update on show, making every inch of it sound inviting and incredibly well-suited to Fallout 76 and its player base.

Of course, the biggest announcement in this segment was the release date for Atlantic City in Fallout 76 of December 5, 2023. Those players on Steam will be able to try it early when the update comes to the public test server on October 3, 2023.

Atlantic City is a big new location for players to explore and complete quests in, packed with factions that make the region feel so much more alive. While we don’t know the specifics, we wouldn’t be surprised to see factions that have formed around gambling and greed.

The area will have new creatures to kill and collect resources from and the colossal Flesh Casino. This building looks like it’s been designed as a massive social hub for Atlantic City and will see dozens of players gather together to gamble their chips away.

Fallout fans are definitely paying attention to this update. It’s as close to a modern version of Fallout New Vegas as Bethesda has come in years. Fallout 76 players will want something fresh, but the feel of the gambling-focused region will need to be as impeccable as New Vegas was, or it’ll be seen as a missed opportunity.

This news wasn’t accompanied by any relating to the other content that’s been split off from Atlantic City. Bethesda has made it sound as if the update is so big it justified its own separate release. The company will no doubt give fans more details on the other update that was split off of this one after it’s been released.