All Neon Yellow gifts in Neon White Mission 1: Rebirth

Have some drinks with Neon Yellow.

Neon White talks with Neon Yellow

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Neon Yellow is one of the first characters you’ll meet in Neon White. He’s a fairly upbeat guy who you’ll interact with pretty frequently throughout the game, but you can get to know him even better if you give him some gifts.

In the game’s first mission, Rebirth, you can find three gifts for Neon Yellow, all of which are six-packs of beer. If you give them to Yellow, your relationship with him will grow a bit, and you’ll be able to unlock new sidequests as well. Here’s where to find all of Yellow’s gifts in Rebirth.

Rebirth Level 1: Movement

This is a pretty simple gift to find. Play through the level as you would normally until you reach the large loop of water toward the end. Jump on the loop, but instead of jumping off to touch the endpoint, continue on the loop until you see some slanted structures that look like they can be jumped on.

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Jump across the two slanted structures, and you should see two flat structures ahead of you, the furthest of which will have a yellow gift on it. Jump over to the gift to grab it.

A path of slanted buildings lie beyond a stream of water
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Rebirth Level 3: Cascade

When this level starts, turn to your right to find a vending machine with an Elevate card inside. Hit it a few times with your katana, and the card should pop right out. Grab the loose Elevate card near the starting area as well, and then use one of them to get on top of the tall structure ahead.

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After the jump, you can grab another loose Elevate card; you should have two at this point. Look up, and you’ll see a giant square-shaped opening you can jump through to get on the roof. Use one of your Elevate cards to get on the roof.

A square-shaped opening in a ceiling
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Once on the roof, turn to face the direction you came from, and you should see the present on top of a large pillar. Carefully go over to the pillar, and use your last Elevate card to grab it.

A gift lies on top of a tall pillar
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Rebirth Level 6: Bounce

Advance through the level as you normally would until you obtain the first Elevate card, which should happen right after you bounce off of a few round demons.

A floating card with a handgun on it sits on a platform
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Once you grab the card, turn around, drop down onto a slightly lower platform, and hook a right. You should see a railing. Jump on it and look down.

The main character overlooks an arch
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You’ll see an arch, as well as a reflection of the gift you’re looking for in the water below it. The gift itself is tucked right inside the arch. To get to it, walk off the railing while still moving toward the arch. Once you’re under it, use the Elevate card to launch yourself up at the gift.