All new features and additions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC

Spoiler: there’s a lot.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

During its unveiling of the last free major content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo announced a huge surprise — paid DLC for the massively successful Nintendo Switch game. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, a pseudo-sequel to the 3DS Animal Crossing spin-off Happy Home Designer, will be adding a ton of new features and additions to the game that provide more than enough reason to return to the quirky life-sim.

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A Dream (Vacation Home) Come True

The premise of Happy Home Paradise is that you’ll be traveling to work with a resort developer, Paradise Planning, and design vacation home for Animal Crossing characters. You’ll be making your client’s dream vacation home and as such, they’ll have requests you’ll need to adhere to, like specific pieces of furniture. Once you’ve added their requests, the rest of the design is up to you.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Outdoor Design

You’ll even be able to design the outside of their home, placing outdoor furniture, adding trees, building fences, and creating pathways. You can also redesign the outside of the client’s home or reposition it in case your outdoor vision requires some rearranging. Eventually, your own island’s resident might request you build a vacation home for them.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

New Interior Design Options

One of the most exciting new features for anyone who loves home customization is the new ability to build partitions, shelves, and pillars, which can also be done to your own home. Combined with the new option to resize a client’s home, you’ll be able to create separate spaces and give a home more visual depth. You can remodel a home at any point even after moving the client in, so you’re free to experiment as much as you’d like or go back after acquiring new furniture. You’ll be able to shine and polish furniture, which can lead to various visual effects.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Customize New Facilities

You’ll also find vacant facilities that you can design, such as a school, restaurant, or hospital. Once you’ve customized them, the residents will actually stop by and use them.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Happy Home Network

Finally, you’ll be able to share your designs with other players in the new Happy Home Network app for your Nook Phone. You have the option to follow designers and can even visit the homes they’ve designed yourself to get some new ideas.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube